Gartner Says B2B Brands Need to Rethink Their Content Marketing Strategy

Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Research With Critical Sales
Implications at the Gartner Sales & Marketing Conference in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#B2Bmarketing–In order to engage B2B buyers in a way that overcomes information
overload and drives progress to a successful purchase, marketing leaders
need to shift their content marketing strategy, according to Gartner,

B2B marketers must move away from a model built on “more” (more content
= more engagement = more progress). In a world where customers are
struggling with too much information rather than not enough, the most
successful marketers are focused on providing less information,
specifically designed to make buying easier.

During today’s keynote presentation here at the Gartner
Sales & Marketing Conference
, Brent Adamson, distinguished vice
president at Gartner, explained how organizations need to focus on
“buyer enablement” and developing content that guides
through critical buying tasks and helps them overcome
challenges they encounter throughout the buying process.

“Buyer enablement” is defined as the provision of information and/or
tools to customers that support the completion of specific buying jobs
throughout the purchase process.

“B2B buyers today will reward suppliers who make the purchase process
easier,” said Mr. Adamson. “Our research shows that customers who
receive helpful information that eases the purchase process are three
times as likely to buy the bigger, more expensive option, with less

According to Gartner research, there are two types of buyer enablement:

Prescriptive Advice — Help customers understand what steps to
take and how to take them. This information should be clear and credible
with actionable
specifically designed to help customers overcome
buying challenges and complete each specific step along the buying

Practical Support — Help customers complete discrete, job-related
activities through the purchase process. This information represents the
tools customers might use to follow through on the prescriptive advice.

“By focusing on these two types of buyer enablement, marketing can
engineer a complete content ecosystem designed to help drive high-value,
low-regret deals — and, ultimately, better support sales,” added Mr.

Shifting the commercial strategy to buyer enablement requires
reallocating resources to producing a different kind of content
altogether. There is an urgent need for marketers to move their content
marketing portfolio away from thought leadership, industry trends and
infotainment, which comprise the bulk of today’s content marketing fare,
and toward buyer enablement.

To do this, marketing leaders should consider the following to ensure
their buyer enablement content meets customers’ needs:

  • Focus on Buying Jobs: Ease the buyer purchase process by
    building buyer enablement content aligned with critical buying jobs
    and providing either prescriptive advice or practical support.
  • Enable Self-Service: Repurpose successful content by
    identifying pre-existing sources of buyer enablement from functions
    such as sales or customer service and modifying them for customer
  • Constantly Update: Build and deepen ongoing understanding of
    buying needs as they arise by implementing a buyer enablement system
    and strategy.
  • Ensure Cross-Channel Consistency: Allow customers to self-serve
    by providing a consistent set of enablement resources across in-person
    and digital information channels.

Additional details on developing buyer enablement content are available
to Gartner for Marketers clients in the report “Rethinking
Digital Customer Engagement.”

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