La Fuente Cafe In Providence

There is a space close to the Stadium 8 Theatres in Providence which has seen several restaurants including the Iron Gate Grill and La Tormenta along with one or two others during the past several years..

In November, La Fuente Cafe opened its doors and has enjoyed a great reception. I stopped by the other day to check it out and say hello to the new owners. It was a little later in the afternoon, so there wasn’t a huge crowd and it was relaxing. There was nice selection of sandwiches and burritos to choose from, but I just needed something to carry me over to the evening.

It seems that I always fall back to the simple tacos. It was not any different on this day. I ordered four “street” tacos, chose a table and waited. Chips and salsa were brought to the table while I waited for the tacos. The chips were thick and looked like they had just been cooked … not out of a bag. A few minutes later, the tacos arrived piping hot with additional salsa (green and red) and a couple of limes to flavor the meat on the tacos. After the first bite, I was in heaven.

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A bit later, the owner came by the table to see how the tacos tasted. They were good and I asked her a few questions. I found out they had just returned from living in Wisconsin for a year and a half. A combination of cold and humidity didn’t sit well with the family. So, they came back home to be closer to family and a drier air. I also learned that they used to make tortillas in Hyrum until some things changed in the local economy.

Well, on their return to Cache Valley, they uncovered their tortilla makers and decided to open up a restaurant doing what they know and love.  The food is fresh … from the tortillas to the meats and the salsas. Another surprise is the hibiscus tea. She uses hibiscus flowers to steep the tea. Could it get any better than having a fresh hibiscus drink with your tacos? I love seeing new things come to Providence and Cache Valley. The local workers have found La Fuente Cafe and hopefully will keep them there for quite awhile.

You should stop by, get a bite to eat and enjoy your time while eating freshly made meals. La Fuente Cafe is located at 517 West 100 North in Providence (next to the Stadium 8 Theatres).

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