Opera for Everyone ― USU Opera Theatre Students Perform Nov. 18 and 19

‘The Girl who Grew too Fast’ has a Universal Message of Acceptance

Utah State University in Logan Utah            LOGAN — The Utah State University opera theater students’ fall production, “The Girl who Grew too Fast,” is based on Menotti’s opera “The Boy who Grew too Fast.” The performance runs Nov. 18 and 19 at 7:30 p.m. in room FA 214 of the Chase Fine Arts Center on USU’s Logan campus.

“This is a heart-warming tale about a child who goes through a journey of brave self- acceptance,” said Dallas Heaton, director of the opera theater program in the Caine College of the Arts and the Department of Music. “Much taller than her peers, Poponel is mocked and ostracized in her elementary school classroom until she is able to use her unique height to selflessly save her classmates from danger.”

Heaton says that because this piece has such a beautiful message about the value of each individual, he wanted to provide an environment that put this principle into practice.

“Because many individuals with special needs have few live theatrical opportunities available to them, we decided to specially invite organizations that serve these valued residents of our valley,” Heaton said. “To ensure that this remains a positive and enjoyable experience, we’ve changed our audience expectations by creating a space where instead of having to worry about being quiet or still, the only expectation is that the audience have fun and enjoy themselves.”

There will be a curtain-raiser of Disney songs from beloved musicals and movies to open the show. Each of the scenes is directed by members of the ensemble and many have opportunities for audience participation and interaction.

“Audience members of all ability levels are invited to enjoy a unique evening of opera and musical theater,” Heaton said. “We hope to continue to provide similar opportunities in the future.”

The Nov. 18-19 performances are free and open to the public.

For more information, visit the CCA Box Office located in room L-101 of the Chase Fine Arts Center on USU’s Logan campus, call 435-797-8022 or see the Caine College’s website (cca.usu.edu).

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