Discover What You’re Made of with Free Grandparent Inheritance Charts from Legacy Tree Genealogists

Discover What You’re Made of with Free Grandparent Inheritance Charts from Legacy Tree GenealogistsSALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Legacy Tree Genealogists, the world’s highest client-rated genealogy research firm and leader in custom family history services, has announced the release of a free online tool which enables users to discover the percentages and segments of DNA inherited from each grandparent, often referred to as chromosome mapping. The tool produces a chart illustrating shared DNA segments by utilizing results from three DNA tests: one for themselves, a paternal grandparent, and a maternal grandparent.

“You’re just like Grandma!” Find out how much DNA you REALLY share with our FREE Grandparent Inheritance Tool!

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“Individuals inherit approximately 25% of their DNA from each grandparent,” explains Paul Woodbury, Senior Genetic Genealogist for Legacy Tree. “However, that amount varies, and results are fascinating. There is an innate human desire to know who we are, and this tool helps bring that desire to life in a tangible way.”

How This Works

When an individual, a paternal grandparent and a maternal grandparent are tested, it is possible to identify how much DNA the individual shares with each of their four grandparents. Any large segment of DNA an individual shares with their grandparent was inherited from that grandparent, and it is impossible to inherit a single location from both grandparents on the same side. Therefore, DNA that an individual does not share with a tested grandparent has to come from the other grandparent.

“By testing yourself, a paternal grandparent and a maternal grandparent, we can identify the amounts and segments of DNA you inherited from each of your grandparents, not just the ones you tested,” said Woodbury. “The tool may also be used by those without living grandparents to determine how much of their own DNA was inherited by their descendants.”

What More Can You Discover?

For an additional cost Legacy Tree Genealogists can take the Grandparent Inheritance Chart further and identify exactly which genes, and corresponding traits and characteristics, you inherited from each grandparent.

To create your own free Grandparent Inheritance Chart, access the tool at For information on Legacy Tree custom genealogy services, visit

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