​​Update: High Sewer Flow Event

We would like to thank the residents of Logan, Smithfield, Hyde Park, Nibley, North Logan, Providence, River Heights, and Utah State University for their efforts to reduce waste water flows during this weekend’s high sewer flow event. Current levels are manageable, but still elevated.  We expect that they will continue to lower throughout week as weather conditions remain dry, but will probably not return to normal levels before we move into the next storm event.  Keep in mind that as we approach spring months, additional warm weather, runoff, and rain will likely keep the ground saturated and flows higher than normal.


Residents can help us out by doing the following:


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Change any sump pumps that are currently connected to the sewer system so that they no longer empty into the sewer system.  Sump pumps can be run through a hose to lawn areas, detention basins, storm water pipes, or into the curb and gutter on streets.  It may seem like your sump pump is not making a difference to the sewer system, it could potentially be causing problems for people downstream from you.  Having a sump pump that drains into the sewer system is a code violation and should be corrected.


Please do not direct storm water ponds to sewer manholes.  If you see large amounts of water draining into a sewer manhole, please contact Logan City to report this issue.


If we experience a weather event where we receive large amounts of precipitation, think about implementing some of the conservation tips we have shared with you this weekend. For example: take short showers, avoid flushing when possible, postpone laundry or only wash full loads, postpone dishes to only wash full loads, and postpone other activities that might send large quantities of water into the sewage system.  ​

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