Point of the Mountain Development Commission seeks public input on growth with new survey

SALT LAKE CITY (March 9, 2017)— The State Legislature’s Point of the Mountain Development Commission is looking for Utahns to share their  thoughts via a new survey for the future of approximately 22,000 undeveloped acres around the Point of the Mountain.

The survey is designed for those who were not able to attend the public input workshops but would still like to share their ideas about how the area should grow. The survey can be accessed through Envision Utah’s website or at pointofthemountainfuture.org.

“It’s absolutely crucial that we hear as many voices as possible as we move forward with this project,” said Christopher M. Conabee, co-chair of the commission. “We are thrilled with the amount of public input we received at the workshops, and look forward to more through this survey. We rely heavily on community members for input and ideas. It’s their home, and we want to help them grow it the way they want.”

The workshops were held Feb. 15 and16 as part of an ongoing effort of the commission, working with Envision Utah, to create a strategic, publicly supported plan for the future of the Point of the Mountain area including the current prison site in Draper.

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Workshop attendees were able to share their ideas and concerns through surveys, discussion and mapping activities. Based on the data from the workshops, participants’ top concerns for the Point of the Mountain area are generating jobs and managing transportation.

“People want to make sure there are jobs for themselves, their children and their grandchildren,” said Robert Grow, president and CEO of Envision Utah. “They’re also very worried about maintaining a high quality of life, with the ability to get around conveniently.”

Participants also had the chance to share their “big ideas” for the area. Many ideas centered on green space: recreational areas, open spaces, trails, a regional park and a paragliding area. A variety of transportation strategies received significant support, including mixed-use “live/work/play” areas, building additional road connections to disperse traffic and expanding public transportation.

“We’re asking the public to share their ideas,” said Rep. Lowry Snow, co-chair of the commission. “This is an ongoing process. If we work together and take the right steps, the Point of the Mountain area can provide job growth and a high quality of life for generations to come.”

To learn more about the Point of the Mountain project and to take the survey, visit pointofthemountainfuture.org.

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