City of Flagstaff and Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation Renewable Energy Collaborative

The City of Flagstaff approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Hopi Tribe, outlining a partnership to explore development of a 19 megawatt (“MW”) renewable energy project on Hopi-owned tribal lands, outside of Flagstaff city limits. The collaborative is aimed at helping the City achieve its 100 percent renewable energy goal for all city government operations.

“This innovative partnership embraces the collaborative spirit, while working to identify creative solutions for renewable energy and economic development,” said Mayor Evans.

The partners will utilize a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The PPA will require a developer to lease land from the Hopi Tribe and finance and build the project. The City of Flagstaff would then purchase the renewable energy through the developer. While the City has used a PPA in the past to purchase renewable energy, this project would be on a larger scale.

“I am eager to work with the Hopi Tribe and the selected developer on project specifications that will result in clean electricity for the City,” said Nicole Antonopoulos Woodman, City of Flagstaff Sustainability Manager.

The City plans to release a Request for Statements of Qualifications (RSOQ) for renewable energy developers in April 2018.

According to Steve Puhr, the Hopi Economic Development Corporation Manager of Development & Strategy “We look forward to assisting the City as it moves to its goal of 100 percent renewable energy, while simultaneously moving the Hopi people towards greater self-reliance.”

If you have any questions about the renewable energy collaboration, please contact Nicole Antonopoulos Woodman at nwoodman.

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