Wyoming Department of Health Joins Forces with Medicity to Develop Statewide Health Information Exchange

Strategic partnership to create community of health, improve provider workflow and patient care

March 21, 2018 07:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Medicity, a leading expert in clinical data aggregation and interoperability, announced its partnership with the Wyoming Department of Health to form a statewide, medical community-owned health information exchange (HIE).

“We look forward to building a platform that brings easy access to all the clinical data and insights providers need to coordinate the best care for the patients they serve.”

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Following a thorough assessment of the state’s health information environment, the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) determined the need to establish a secure venue for providers to obtain patient information across the state. The Wyoming Frontier Information Exchange (WYFI), a centralized repository of clinical data for participating patients, will utilize Medicity’s data aggregation and interoperability capabilities to meet the needs of its population’s health, while improving quality of care.

“Currently, providers are struggling to coordinate quality care due to limited access to patient information,” said Dr. James Bush, Wyoming Medicaid medical director with the Wyoming Department of Health. “By forming the statewide HIE and utilizing Medicity’s solutions, we can build a community of health that will securely place comprehensive, usable data into the hands of our healthcare providers. Furthermore, we look forward to our partnership with Medicity to bring easier interstate connections and unlock the potential for greater information sharing.”

This collaborative partnership will bring Medicity’s robust suite of solutions including its Connect, Exchange, Explore and Community Interchange tools, as well as its deep knowledge of the region, to further improve interoperability and data sharing for providers across the state and into neighboring areas. To ensure streamlined, quality care, providers throughout Wyoming will have access to a single, de-duplicated, comprehensive Continuity of Care Document (CCD) to safely, securely and electronically share patient’s data, further identifying care gaps and receiving a 360-degree view of the patient population and their needs. This next generation of interoperability will shift how providers obtain information, as well as evaluate the health of their patients.

“We’re excited to partner with the state of Wyoming and share our expertise with their providers to bring the medical community together,” said Patrice R. Wolfe, chief executive officer of Medicity. “We look forward to building a platform that brings easy access to all the clinical data and insights providers need to coordinate the best care for the patients they serve.”

Planning for the WYFI began in 2016, and the contract with Medicity was signed in December 2017. With this partnership, providers will soon be able to access patient records from labs, emergency rooms, practices and other medical facilities. Due to Medicity’s connection with Colorado and South Dakota, Wyoming hopes to compile beneficial data on a larger scale, representing a multi-state HIE and broadening their borders to obtain a patient’s complete picture both inside and outside the state.

To learn more about Medicity, visit www.medicity.com.

About Medicity

With nearly 20 years of experience in aggregating, readying and distributing data for population health, Medicity has created a collaborative network that processes more than 6 billion clinical transactions each year. Medicity’s innovative solutions provide a powerful data foundation that enables one’s unique population health goals. Medicity’s intelligent integration of clinical information across the care community leads to enhanced clinical and business workflows, improved decision-making, more engaged providers and patients and better managed populations. Medicity is an independent subsidiary of Aetna (NYSE: AET). For more information, visit www.medicity.com.

About Wyoming Frontier Information

The Wyoming Frontier Information (WYFI) HIE will be a centralized repository of clinical data of participating patients. Providers, through their Electronic Health Record System (EHR) and also via a web browser, will have the ability to download clinical information to support better care and treatment of patients. All of the HIE data is encrypted and secured, and access to the data is logged and audited. The Wyoming Department of Health, along with CMS have funded the design, development and implementation of WYFI so that Wyoming providers will be able to share patient information electronically and provide patient and care coordination across different care settings in Wyoming. The WYFI will not cost providers a fee to participate through 2021. The WYFI will provide access to data immediately upon provider participation.


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