SUU and Southwest Tech Launch Dual Enrollment Program

CEDAR CITY, Utah — Cedar High School senior Sam Palmer is like most 18-year- olds.
He knows that college is a good investment but isn’t sure a four-year university is best.
Recently, he took a class in computer programming at Southwest Tech College. In the
past, if he switched to a four-year college, he would be required to retake the class. A
new partnership between Southern Utah University and Southwest Tech is changing that.
Under the Dual Enrollment Program, if Sam chooses to enroll at Southwest Tech for a
certificate program, his credits will be accepted at SUU. If he starts at SUU and decides it
isn’t the best option, he can switch to Southwest Tech and have all of his classes count.
Student needs are changing. Some high school seniors will enroll at an institution and
graduate in four years, others need options. Nationally, there are 95 million people who
have finished high school but have not finished college, according to the Chronicle of
Higher Education.
“This is an excellent opportunity to further our mission as a dynamic teaching and
learning community with a deep commitment to student success and developing
opportunities leading students to productive careers,” said President Scott L. Wyatt of
Through the Dual Enrollment Program, all registered students of SUU are admitted to
Southwest Tech and entitled to enroll in certificate programs and all Southwest Tech
students in certificate programs are admitted to SUU and entitled to enroll in classes for
The unprecedented partnership developed in conversations between Wyatt and President
Brennan M. Wood of Southwest Tech over the last few months, where they
acknowledged the diverse needs of students. The technical college system in Utah has
been developing articulation agreements and pathways of various types for the last 30

“I appreciate Presidents Wyatt and Wood coming together in this unprecedented
partnership focused on student success,” said Dr. Dave Woolstenhulme, Utah
Commissioner of Technical Education. “This is a remarkable example of Utah’s forward-
thinking approach to education delivery and is a huge win for the students and the
economy of our state.”
The two campus communities are six blocks from each other and SUU and Southwest
Tech have a history of cooperation developing a number of programs with articulated,
stackable credentials.
The program is not intended to be a merger of the institutions but to provide, as far as
reasonably possible, all advantages of SUU and Southwest Tech to the other institutions’
students as if the two institutions were one.
“Students will be served by multiple on-ramps and off-ramps,” said President Wood of
Southwest Tech. “We know that one size does not fit all in terms of post high school
education, so this partnership gives students options.”
The program was recently boosted by a pledge of Governor Herbert to support the
collaboration and Utah legislature funding of $200,000 from HB2. The bill passed in
March 2018, proving that Utah is committed to be a national leader in educational
delivery systems.
A plan is in place to implement the Dual Enrollment Program by Fall 2018. Both
institutions will work to make the payment of tuition, financial aid, advising, and other
administrative services as seamless as possible for all students.

SUU and Southwest Tech are committed to helping their students, like Sam Palmer, by
providing multiple academic paths. The Dual Enrollment Program will give students
more opportunities for success.

About Southwest Tech
An accredited technical college that provides education and job skill training through
individualized competency-based programs in response to the needs of students,
employers, and the communities it serves. Southwest Tech offers year-round schedules,
flexible lab and classroom hours, and a large selection of affordable courses and
programs. Southwest Tech supports adults and high school students in exploring,
developing, and upgrading job skills in 9 departments and over 20 certificate programs.

About Southern Utah University
Southern Utah University (1897) evolved from a teacher training institution to Utah's
designated masters university, offering over 140 undergraduate and 19 graduate
programs. With world class project based learning, unique undergraduate research
opportunities, and a personalized learning environment (18:1) students lead projects
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