True Fit Launches True Insight® and True 360™ to Supercharge Retailers’ Entire Personalization Stack by Enriching Retailers’ 360 View of Consumers, Products, and BI

True Insight offers retailers unparalleled new reports, dashboards,
and benchmarking for merchants, marketers, and designers, while True 360
provides new rich customer data shared directly into retailers’ CRM or
CDP to help lift performance for the entire personalization stack

, the retail industry’s data-driven personalization platform for
apparel and footwear, today launched two new products powered by its Fashion
, the largest connected data set for apparel and footwear:
True Insight® and True 360™. Both solutions increase retailers’
comprehensive intelligence from across the True Fit network in the form
of individual reports, aggregated dashboards, and consumer intelligence.
For the first time, retailers have access to a new type of data,
allowing them to make more informed decisions when it comes to improving
the shopper journey. Furthermore, True Insight and True 360 can be used
cross-functionally by different departments within a retail organization
– from merchandising, to marketing, to product design.

True Insight allows retailers to better understand their target
audience, consumer purchasing patterns, the styles that are most
commonly returned, and how products fit compared to a comprehensive
index of products across the industry in the same category. True Insight
– which leverages the Fashion Genome’s robust set of data from millions
of consumers and styles from nearly seventeen thousand brands – was
developed in partnership with True Fit’s vast network of retailers and
brand partners. As a dashboard comprised of analytics and reporting,
True Insight collects a single retailer’s data across both their brand
site and reseller, into one aggregated view. Any member of the
retailer’s team can visualize all shopper data through a collection of
five core dashboards: demographics, purchase history, fit consistency,
returns performance, and purchase attributes.

True 360 offers better consumer-specific data to enhance the entire
retail service provider ecosystem. With this solution, retailers now
have at their fingertips detailed data that can be applied to
personalize their shoppers’ experiences across all touchpoints, enhance
homegrown recommendation models and analytics, and improve other third
party software services that make up its personalization stack. Powered
by True Discovery® and True Confidence®, True 360 enables retailers to
see shopper profile data and associated intelligence, including
demographic data like height, weight, age, body type, favorite brands
and sizes, high affinity brands and personalized style, fit, and size
recommendations. No personally identifiable information (PII) is shared.
The data provides a 360-degree view of each shopper, and can be used in
the CRM or CDP to enhance personalization across a variety of partner
services, including email marketing, product recommendations,
retargeting, search, category browsing, in-store clienteling, call
centers, and more.

We created True Insight and True 360 in partnership with our network of
retail and brand partners as part of our continued mission to help
retailers personalize every touchpoint in the customer journey. That
means taking the power of our Fashion Genome outside the walls of our
own software, and opening up the data and intelligence to help all the
companies that serve our retail network. We’re committed to providing
access to better intelligence to make every customer interaction truly
personal and relevant,” said Romney Evans, Co-founder of True Fit.
These two new products help close the loop in a virtuous circle of
personalization that is benefiting retailers, brands, and consumers

True Insight helps us visualize the powerful data in our platform so
that we can make smarter product design and customer marketing
decisions,” said Sean Condon, Senior Director Global Digital Commerce at

We’ve already seen the power of the True Personalization Platform when
our customers engage with True Fit’s recommendations on our site. Now
we’re excited to expand that benefit to every customer interaction and
experience by using True 360 data directly in CRM, and have it available
to our other partners and software providers to make every interaction
with Kenneth Cole products more personal, more relevant,” said TJ Papp,
Vice President Digital and Ecommerce at Kenneth Cole Productions.

True Fit is demoing True Insight and True 360 at in Las Vegas,
Nevada from September 12 – 14, 2018. Stop by booth no. 422 to learn more
or visit,

About True Fit
is a data-driven personalization platform for footwear and
apparel retailers that decodes personal style, fit, and size for every
consumer, every shoe, and every piece of clothing. Its Fashion Genome is
the industry’s most comprehensive data set and collective in the nearly
$2 trillion global apparel and footwear industry. By connecting
manufacturing design data from thousands of leading apparel and footwear
brands, anonymized consumer order data from hundreds of top retailers,
personal preference data from millions of registered True Fit users, and
hundreds of millions anonymous shoppers, it maps the detailed style,
fit, size and other technical attributes from clothes and shoes to the
detailed style preferences and buying behaviors of millions of
individual shoppers.

The Fashion Genome powers the True Personalization Platform, which
allows retailers and brands to provide consumers with unparalleled
personalization via software-as-a-service, APIs, and data-as-a-service,
including consumer preference data, personal style rankings, fit
ratings, size recommendations, fit details, and merchandising analytics.
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