Precision Medical Solutions® Debuts Leading-Edge Adult Circumcision Technique in Denver

Dr. Briana Oster is proud to be the first Shang-Ring certified doctor
in the western United States!

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Circumcision has long been encouraged by doctors and scientists for a
reduced risk of disease, cancer, and sexually-transmitted diseases
including HIV/AIDs. As adults, many men also elect circumcision for
cosmetic reasons, hygienic reasons, or to treat medical issues such as
phimosis and tears. Regardless of the reason for pursuing adult
circumcision, Precision Medical Solutions® is the premier provider of
the procedure in Colorado and the western United States. Dr. Briana
Oster M.D., who is Medical Director of Precision Medical Solutions®
Denver is one of only three doctors in all of North America certified
in the Shang Ring technique for adult circumcision,
a breakthrough
technique developed in China in 2003. Unlike traditional circumcision,
which is performed with a scalpel and can leave significant scarring,
the Shang Ring technique is minimally-invasive, suture-less, and has
superb cosmetic results.

So, what are the benefits of the Shang Ring technique?

  • Shang Ring is the only minimally-invasive circumcision technique
    approved by FDA (and with a CE mark from European Union).
  • It is a suture-less and virtually pain-free technique.
  • Compared to traditional circumcision, the Shang Ring yields superior
    cosmetic results and significantly less scarring.

Since 2003, more than 600,000 Shang Ring circumcisions have been
performed by doctors around the world. As the first doctor in the
western United States to use the Shang Ring technique, Doctor Briana
Oster is “proud to provide this new, virtually painless technique” to
her own patients. After going through extensive training directly with
Shang Ring in China, she is “excited to change the circumcision
landscape in Denver and the western United States.”

What can patients expect with an Adult Circumcision at Precision
Medical Solutions?

At Precision Medical Solutions®, we are proud to be one of only a few
clinics in North America offering the Shang Ring method of adult
circumcision. The Shang Ring, which was first developed in China in
2003, represents a major breakthrough in circumcision technology. Unlike
traditional surgical circumcision, which requires extensive suturing
after removal of the foreskin, the Shang Ring technique naturally blocks
the flow of blood to the foreskin, causing the edge of the skin to
simply dry up and heal. The procedure is virtually painless, requires no
sutures, and results in a straight and clean surgical line. Since 2006,
the Shang Ring has been safely and successfully used to circumcise more
than 600,000 male adults, adolescents, and boys, and has been clinically
evaluated in over 3000 males as a part of numerous clinical trials. It
is the only minimally invasive technique for adult circumcision that has
been approved by the US FDA and received the CE Mark from the European
Union. It has also been publicly endorsed by the Bill and Melinda Gates

A comprehensive Q&A can be found here.

About Doctor Briana Oster

Dr. Oster is a physician with nearly ten years of medical experience.
She completed her residency at Tulane in 2009, and has been practicing
medicine in Denver, Colorado ever since. Dr. Oster is passionate about
providing each and every one of her patients with the highest standard
of medical care, while also ensuring her patient’s comfort and privacy.

Dr. Oster grew up in Summit County, Colorado, and she naturally loves
outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and fly fishing.
Dr. Oster also enjoys traveling with her family and scuba diving.

About Precision Medical Solutions

Thank you for considering Precision Medical Solutions®, a national
leader in providing vasectomies and circumcisions. At Precision Medical
Solutions®, our goal is to provide you and your family with the highest
standard of medical care and expertise while ensuring your experience is
as gentle, comfortable and straightforward as possible. Our unique
specialization in these two specific procedures has allowed our doctors
to achieve an unparalleled level of training and expertise, while also
remaining on the forefront of medical technology and research. Our
doctors use only the most advanced technology and techniques, and all
procedures are performed in newly-renovated clinics that are designed to
maximize the comfort and privacy of our patients.

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