Revitalize Laser Care Brings Leading-Edge Technology and Extensive Medical Expertise to Tattoo Removal in Denver

Medical Doctor performs all tattoo removal treatments at
state-of-the-art Revitalize Laser Care clinic

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“Live with no regrets, but reserve the right to change your mind.” This
is how millions of Americans feel about their tattoos. Over the past
decade, demand for tattoo removal has grown rapidly. Top reasons
consumers report wanting to remove tattoos are feelings that they were
too young when they received the tattoo, that their personalities have
changed and tattoos no longer fit their lifestyle, and that they wish to
erase the names of former boyfriends and girlfriends. Today, it is
estimated that, of the 45 million Americans with tattoos, between 11%
and 17% will pursue tattoo removal during their lifetime. Globally, the
tattoo removal market is expected to grow from $11.6 BN in 2016 to $27.3
BN in 2023 (Allied Market Research).

Amidst this rapidly growing demand, Revitalize Laser Care brings
cutting-edge laser technology and extensive medical expertise to tattoo
removal in Denver. Revitalize Laser Care uses state-of-the-art
3-wavelength laser machines imported from Italy to remove all colors of
ink from all types of skin. Perhaps more importantly, at a time when
poor education and safety standards have made many consumers wary of
tattoo removal, all treatments at Revitalize Laser Care are performed by
a medical doctor with extensive training in laser technology. Dr. Briana
Oster, Medical Director at Revitalize Laser Care, explains that she is
“proud to bring safe, effective, and affordable” tattoo removal
treatments to her Denver patients. She continues: “It is important that
people performing tattoo removal treatments have a strong understanding
of the physics behind laser technology in addition to extensive medical

Laser tattoo removal works by bombarding the skin with ultra-short
pulses of light energy, which are selectively absorbed by the pigmented
ink particles. The energy causes these ink particles to shatter into
tiny fragments that are absorbed naturally by the body’s immune system.
Whereas older laser machines could only achieve partial ink removal, the
3-wavelength machines used by Revitalize Laser Care can fully remove all
colors of ink from all types of skin.

About Doctor Briana Oster

Dr. Briana Oster is a physician with nearly ten years of medical
experience, most of which she spent here in Colorado. After completing
her residency at Tulane in 2009, Dr. Oster continued to pursue knowledge
in new medical innovations which led to her certification in laser
technology from The National Laser Institute in Dallas. Dr. Oster has
long been passionate about the aesthetic and medical benefits of
anti-aging and laser technology.

About Revitalize Laser Care

Revitalize Laser Care is a national leader in laser skincare treatments
for both men and women. We are known not only for our specialized focus
on laser skincare, which allows us to stay on the cutting-edge of laser
techniques and equipment but also for our ongoing dedication to the
quality of our results and the safety and comfort of our patients. Each
of our clinics is overseen by a medical doctor with many years’
experience in the field of laser skincare. Our clinics use only the most
advanced laser technology, and all treatments are provided in a
newly-renovated, relaxing, and comfortable setting.

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