Investment Analysis After Market Plunge

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Michael Shustek, a leading real estate investment company executive,
offers the following perspective after the stock market dive:

“The big stock market sell-off from this week looks to be a reaction to
rising interest rates. However, by focusing on the fundamentals,
investors may help avoid reactive decision making.

“When there is the potential for more volatility in the U.S. stock
market, it is a great time to consider real estate as an effective hedge
against inflation. This is especially true when part of the cause of
stock market volatility is inflation and rising interest rates. In
certain real estate assets rents can rise to keep pace with inflation,
especially when there are shorter term leases providing investors
flexibility in rent adjustments. On the contrary, longer term leases
provide some protection against vacancy risk, but expose investors to
interest rate risk in times of rising rates.

“It is important today to look at where there is an absolute return with
as little correlation to the stock market as possible. Real estate
continues to be a good diversifier during these turbulent times.

“On a positive note, it appears the previous risk of a military
engagement with North Korea seems to be minimal. Typically you are able
to protect your investment and sleep well at night when you have
prepared for any type of chaos by diversifying your portfolio.

“This week’s activities present a time to step back, look globally and
consider the benefits of diversification. It’s important not to sell out
of fear, but instead ensure your portfolio accurately represents your
time horizon and risk tolerance, and then to leave it alone.

“In times of transition, it is also a good idea to consider factors such
as trade uncertainty. Until something positive is agreed upon with
China, you may find solace in an asset more dependent on local market
conditions, like real estate. These strategies are part of the ‘look
globally’ approach.”

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