Free Screening of Award-winning documentary, disability advocate coming to USU

The Center for Persons with Disabilities at USU is sponsoring a free screening of the film My Dad Matthew by filmmaker John Schaffer. In this short film (6 minutes), Elijah tells the story of his dad, Matthew, who is a "pretty normal dad" but unlike most other dads, he has a significant disability. Born with cerebral palsy and unable to control most of his body, Matthew with the use of a wheelchair, a pointer on a helmet with a letter board, and the exceptional help of others, has become a university instructor, has several degrees from Berkley, Ca., and is father to a 14 year old boy. Matthew Wangeman will be attending the screening and will be doing a lecture and a Q&A that you don’t want to miss! He is a very engaging guy and really gets people thinking about ability.

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