Elior North America Strengthens Its Commitment to Culinary Innovation and the Environment: First to Market with Lava Gel® Technology’s Flame-Free, Environmentally-Friendly, All-Natural, Self-Heating Foodservice Trays

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DocPoplin–Elior North America, one of the leading operators in the contract
culinary management industry, has strengthened its commitment to
innovative culinary practices and the environment with the introduction
of HºEATS™ trays, a new self-heating technology powered by Lava Gel®.
The trays are the first and only flame-free, mobile heat source for the
foodservice industry and the product is made entirely from natural
minerals and plant-based materials.

“In support of our commitment to culinary innovation, we look to
identify products that can improve the overall dining experience for our
guests,” said Dr. Brian Poplin, President and Chief Executive Officer,
Elior North America. “Our teams tested HºEATS™ trays in our units and
found they provided consistent, even heat for more than two hours,
keeping food at the proper holding temperature while maintaining
quality. This is a great solution for mobile, kitchen-fresh catering.”

Lava Gel® is a patented and proven self-heating technology comprised of
natural minerals that produce a safe, controlled, instant source of
sustained and reliable direct heat.

Elior will be first to market with the new technology, incorporating
HºEATS™ into its broader organization over the coming year as a safe,
reliable heat solution.

Unlike other foodservice heating products, the HºEATS™ trays have an
engineered, smart heat curve that activates to meet the temperature of
the food pan and then sustains evenly distributed heat between 140-165º
for more than two hours. The heat curve is designed to carry catered
food from the oven to the table and maintain quality during transport;
chefs can now provide a direct-to-table, hot food experience with
uncompromised quality whether the guest is eating a drop-off catered
meal at the office, at a banquet facility or corporate cafeteria. The
heat trays allow for a balanced and even distribution of heat to the
food without creating hot spots or burning.

“HºEATS™ is delighted that Elior will use its product in several
geographies over the next year,” said Dee Pettit, Chief Executive
Officer, HºEATS™. “The test pilot was a critical part of helping us
operationalize our products for launch, improving quality and reducing
labor in delivery, catering, and commercial kitchen operations.”

HºEATS™ tray benefits to the foodservice industry include:

  • Smart heat – Patented, programmable heat curves for a myriad of
    heating temperatures, durations and needs
  • Personal safety – No fire hazards or hot liquid burns, nor any toxic
    or caustic ingredients
  • Food safety – Keeps dishes at food safe temperatures for long periods,
    and protects nutritional density with no overcook or food
    deterioration, a crucial need in hospitals, senior meals, and schools
  • Simplicity – Easy to activate; set it and forget it
  • Transformative – Reduces the need for expensive kitchen equipment and
    skilled labor to set-up or monitor, which will fundamentally change
    operating models, opening the door to new business processes in
    foodservice and creating new venues for remote foodservice
  • Mobility–Ideal for on-site, delivery, or remote foodservice
  • Duration – Preserves texture, nutrition and maintains kitchen-fresh
    quality for over two hours
  • Affordability – Labor savings make the product significantly more

In addition to HºEATS™ benefits, the Lava Gel® compound is nontoxic,
made from natural minerals and plant-based materials, making it an
attractive option for companies looking for more
environmentally-friendly solutions.

“Elior North America serves more than one million meals each day across
the U.S. and is committed to being a good corporate citizen in the
communities where we operate,” said Poplin. “HºEATS™ plant-based
materials and natural minerals provide an environmentally-responsible
product for our operations.”

About Elior North America

Elior North America enhances people’s lives through culinary innovation
and a commitment to providing exemplary service. The family of
companies, with over 19,000 team members, provides foodservice solutions
and catering to more than 1,500 client accounts in five industry
segments across the continental United States. Elior North America is
among the top five contract foodservice companies in the United States.
The company is part of the European contract catering firm Elior Group.
Learn more at www.elior-na.com.

About HºEATS™

HºEATS™ is a Las Vegas-based company focused on bringing new heating
innovations to the food industry. With increased demand for hot food in
packaged, mobile, delivered and remote formats, HºEATS™ is filling a
need for better and smarter heating and holding solutions. Powered by
Lava Gel®, HºEATS™ is adapting the Lava Gel® technology for use in the
foodservice and retail food industries worldwide. HºEATS’ first products
are aimed at foodservice operators. Other foodservice heat & hold
products and retail heat & eat packaging powered by Lava Gel® are in
development. Learn more at www.h-eats.com.

About Lava Gel® USA

Lava Gel® is a privately-held company based in Las Vegas, NV. A pioneer
in natural mineral energy, Lava Gel® provides safe, reliable,
controllable spot heat across a number of industries for over a decade
through its 90+ patents. Comprised of a diverse group of scientists,
manufacturers, marketers, and industry veterans, Lava Gel® USA is
dedicated to using mineral energy to improve lives through the
disruptive power of reimagined heat. Learn more at www.lavagelusa.com.


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