Netformx Announces New Tools to Efficiently Increase Profit for IT Solution Providers

  • New Netformx Margin Analysis Tool helps Cisco Partners maximize
    margins and increase profit early in the sales cycle
  • Netformx Partner Incentive Tool simplified user experience helps
    unlock Cost & Sell structures in CCW Estimates to maximize discounts

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CCWEstimateNetformx®,
the leader in opportunity-to-quote solutions specifically designed for
IT solution and service providers, vendors, and distributors, announced
today new and enhanced sales enablement tools that help Partners benefit
more systematically and efficiently from Cisco programs. The powerful
new Netformx
Margin Analysis Tool
, and enhancements to the Netformx
Partner Incentive Tool
, enable Cisco Partners to maximize the
profitability of their sales through automation, financial analysis, and

Netformx Margin Analysis Tool V1.0

The latest addition to the Netformx Suite of Applications, the Netformx
Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) provides an innovative, automated way for
Cisco Partners to determine end-customer pricing and maximize their
margins through accurate cost and sell margin analysis for Cisco
Commerce Workspace (CCW) Estimates. Netformx Partner Incentive Tool
(PIT) promotion and incentive “what-if” scenarios are cost inputs to the
Margin Analysis Tool. By toggling between PIT & MAT, the user can make
incentive decisions and then immediately see the impact on an
opportunity’s margin. The user sees per-SKU and per-line promotion and
incentive impacts as well as descriptions of all cost modifiers.

  • Margin analysis summary puts the bottom line up top. The
    Summary shows the top-line blended analysis of margin dollars and
    percentages. Detailed CCW breakdown analysis by category is performed
    for Products, Services, and Subscriptions and roll-ups executed for
    any price modifier and line-level changes.
  • Bulk modifier enables quick and accurate customer pricing. Use
    bulk/category and per-line price modifications, such as discount
    goals, margin floors, mark-up caps, and price targets to attain
    competitive profit margins given the cost-structure visibility
    provided by the PIT.
  • The user can see as much detail as they desire. Line-level
    details and granular controls are available to the user for

Netformx Partner Incentive Tool V2.0

Further evolving the concept of Explore, Educate and Guide, Netformx
Partner Incentive Tool makes it even easier for Cisco partners to
identify and incorporate incentive and promotion benefits optimizing
their discounts as they analyze CCW Estimates. The new interface
provides quick analysis with full visibility of tracked promotions and
incentives and summarizes them in plain view on a single-screen.
Partners can quickly optimize their understanding of promotions and
incentives, thereby improving overall CCW Guided Deal Registration (GDR)
approval potential to yield higher GDR win ratios and business results.
The PIT exposes promotions and incentives and their cost benefit the
Partner otherwise might have missed, overlooked, or discounts lost due
to not recognizing the full benefit potential of leveraging them to
their fullest capacity.

Partner Incentive Tool V2.0 provides additional sophisticated incentive
analysis and insights to drive even more profitability:

  • “Single Stack” logic provides increased accuracy and ease of use.
    Providing an optimized stack of promotion and incentives on CCW
    Estimate analysis to leverage the maximum cost discount benefit, to
    present the “best possible” combination of promotions and incentives.
  • Control panel enables users to quickly compare and contrast all
    estimate methods.
    Results are displayed for all estimate
    methods, such as Regular, DSA, E-Rate, and CMSP, allowing the user to
    see which methodology provides the best total cost discount.
    Persistence between estimate methods enable expansive “What-if”
  • Summary review pinpoints results. Summary separates
    results into CCW product, service, and subscription classifications.
    The analysis is broken out by extended list price, analyzed discount,
    and extended analyzed price.

Both Netformx Margin Analysis V1.0 and Netformx Partner Incentive Tool
V2.0 are generally available starting November 12, 2018. Partners can
learn more about the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool at:
and the Netformx Margin Analysis Tool at

The latest Netformx sales enablement tools will be shown at the Cisco
Partner Summit, November 13-15 in Las Vegas.

Key Facts

  • Netformx provides innovative solutions that simplify IT sales
    complexity and increase seller profitability.
  • The Netformx
    cloud-based CPQ-for-IT suite of applications
    enables solution
    providers to reduce time-to-quote 80% and reduce implementation error
    rates by 99%.
  • Channel partners leveraging Netformx solutions report profitability
    increases of over 1% and in some cases over 5%.
  • Using Netformx award-winning opportunity-to-quote solutions, over
    2,000 customers in more than 120 countries quickly and accurately
    create differentiated, winning multi-vendor designs, quotes, and
    proposals, while leveraging business insights and analytics to
    increase productivity and profitability.

Supporting Quotes

“Both the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool and the Margin Analysis Tool
bring sophisticated promotion and financial analysis together, so we can
quickly make decisions and take actions that benefit the customer as
well as our bottom line. The Netformx tools take care of gathering and
analyzing all the details about the impact of promotions, incentives,
and discounts on a deal’s bottom line so we can focus on sales,
profitability, and our customers.”
— Tyler Mathis, Manager of
Federal Operations at Zivaro, Inc.

“Netformx is raising the bar on tools that enable profitable sales and
provide a better Cisco Partner experience. Through automation and
analysis, Netformx takes the drudgery out of analyzing complex
incentives and promotions and presents the resulting financial
implications for each deal in simple-to-read charts. This enables our
customers to quickly make decisions that enhance their deal
— Ittai Bareket, CEO at Netformx


About Netformx

Netformx helps IT service providers, solution providers, vendors and
distributors to increase revenues and create an improved buying
experience for their customers. The Netformx CPQ-for-IT application
suite offers a simpler way to configure, design, and sell complex
multi-vendor solutions with greater accuracy and speed, while improving
profitability. Our analytics tools allow users to manage and maximize
benefits from Cisco partners programs and automatically identify risks
and opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell. Netformx streamlines the
opportunity-to-quote process through powerful business intelligence,
actionable insights, collaboration and automation, resulting in better
business outcomes.

Netformx has over 2,000 customers in more than 120 countries including
ALE, AT&T, Bell Canada, British Telecom, Cisco, Dimension Data, Insight,
Optus, Orange Business Services, Sprint, and Telstra. Our comprehensive
KnowledgeBase™ contains client and vendor products, services, and
program compliance data from vendors such as Cisco, ALE, Brocade, Check
Point, Avaya, APC, Belden, Jabra, and Riverbed.,
and LinkedIn.


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