CUE Marketplace Launches Industry-Specific Software Management Platform for Cannabis Businesses at MJ Biz Conference

CUE Cannabis business dashboard and marketplace enables small
business owners access to curated software necessary for success

, the leading business software marketplace, has
announced the launch of CUE
, its cannabis business-focused software offering, which
will be showcased at the MJ
Biz Conference
in Las Vegas. CUE Cannabis is the first software
marketplace and dashboard purpose-built for small business owners in the
cannabis space to help navigate the unique difficulties associated with
the industry, and enabling them to more efficiently run their cannabis

Across America’s nascent cannabis industry, there is a marked lack of
resources available to SMBs who are in need of proficient software
solutions to more efficiently and compliantly operate their businesses.
CUE Cannabis’ comprehensive portfolio of available dispensary business
software includes but is not limited to POS, accounting, marketing, and
human resources systems. CUE Cannabis looks to satisfy the unmet needs
of the dispensary and other cannabis business owners who are in
desperate need of guidance when it comes to selecting the right tools to
meet their needs and excel in an increasingly competitive market.

“Until now, there were no resources available to dispensary owners
looking for effective, compliant software solutions to help them run
their businesses,” said Sean Glynn, President, and COO, CUE Marketplace.
“The research and vetting processes to make these decisions in any
industry are time-consuming and taxing, but particularly in the cannabis
space, where the resources are fewer and the stakes are higher,
selecting the right technology can mean the difference between growth
and failure.”

CUE Cannabis empowers dispensary owners to make strategic operational
decisions by providing them with the right software and tools. These
tools allow dispensary owners and others in the marijuana vertical to
identify business and process inefficiencies such as inventory
management, client retention, and revenue maximization. Furthermore,
unlike many other software providers in the space that struggle to
broadly cover all needs, CUE Cannabis enables operators to choose from a
short, curated list of top performing offerings in each of the most
important business categories.

“Because this industry is still in its infancy, it’s no surprise that
many of the technology offerings are either unreliable or unsuited to
dispensary owners’ unique needs,” said John Svoboda, cannabis industry
consultant for CUE Marketplace. “Particularly in track-and-trace markets
like Colorado and Oregon, SMBs are looking for a source of truth to
guide their decision-making process. CUE Cannabis makes this undertaking
easy and worry-free so business owners can focus on what’s most

Users can rest assured the software and tools available on CUE Cannabis
have been vetted extensively, so owners are purchasing trusted, verified
software. Apart from having access to best in class tools, CUE Cannabis
also offers a business dashboard that allows users to manage software
billing and updates all in one place and view insights into their
business’ financial health. The dashboard also provides a marketing
analytics page that aggregates data from social media and email
marketing channels, so owners can quickly assess key data and campaign
results from their digital marketing efforts.

Current CUE Cannabis software partners include:

  • Würk
    a cannabis specific HR and payroll platform making it simple and easy
    to manage your employees
  • Green
    – a leading cannabis POS software for retail operations that
    helps owners stay compliant in their sales
  • Flowhub
    a compliant cannabis retail management system, complete with point of
    sale software, inventory management, and mobile solutions
  • Best
    in Grow
    – allows dispensary owners to collaborate and connect with
    employees, other retailers, budtenders, and brands to share insights
    and feedback for others to learn from
  • springbig
    dispensary loyalty software and SMS messaging software
  • Trellis
    the leading seed-to-sale inventory tracking software for the B2B
    cannabis supply chain

For more information about CUE Cannabis, platform demos, and access to
software trials, please visit

About CUE Marketplace
CUE Marketplace is a one-stop
marketplace that brings together small businesses with software
providers in crucial service areas that small businesses need like
accounting, marketing, human resources, and payment processing. CUE’s
team of software experts rigorously assess each product in our
marketplace against strict criteria. Small businesses can find detailed
product and pricing information, comparison and recommendation tools.
Once a small business has purchased software they can manage their
account using our Dashboard. CUE helps you manage the business of
business, so you can focus on doing what you love. For more information,


For CUE Marketplace
Tobias Henderson, 720-577-5409

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