The Latest Japanese Technology Will Be Showcased at Eureka Park. The Seven Startups That Will Exhibit at CES 2019 JAPAN TECH Have Been Decided.

Join them at CES 2019, from January 8 to 11, in Las Vegas, Nevada
Eureka Park #51653, Sands Expo ]

TOKYO & OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#ceslt;/agt;–The JAPAN TECH Pavilion, where the latest of Japanese technology will be
introduced to the world, is exhibiting in CES
 at Eureka Park. This is a joint effort to support Japanese
start-ups by Creative Vision, Daiko and Filament, three companies that
participated in the JAPAN
 in 2018. The goal is to assist start-ups to showcase
their advanced technologies in the world biggest Consumer Technology
show, the CES. For 2019, the finest seven companies featuring 9 unique


Technology Lab.

Next-generation muscular strength training machine

Take your muscular strength training to a next level. The training
method developed by Dr. Kazuo Higa based on scientific approach is
automated with IT. Using Hiiga-ONE, the next-generation muscular
strength training machine, the user can obtain the maximum result
from the training in a very short amount of time.

Home Co., Ltd.

“Apartment kit”, IoT service for turning rental properties into
smart home

Apartment kit IoT service enables safer and more convenient life for
occupants in rental properties while it improves the business
efficiency of property management companies with chat functions. In
addition, Apartment kit can be integrated with solutions for owners
and management companies, turning properties into smart homes and
increase occupancy rates.

Co., Ltd

Deep Breath and Relax – “kitoki”,
Wooden Vital Sensing Device

Want to refresh and focus on tasks in everyday life? Take a deep
breath through “kitoki”, a wooden inhaler. Made with natural
Cypress, “kitoki” provides comfortable scent to let you relaxed
more. Through its smart sensing technology and algorithm, “kitoki”
measures your psychophysiological state and notify when the body
reaches the relaxes status.

Co., Ltd

Self-learning style IoT alcohol gadget “TISPY

TISPY is self-learning style IoT alcohol gadget. TISPY measures
alcohol concentration in your body by alcohol sensor, and tells the
better way to drink and the estimate of the time to sober up
according to the accumulated data on Flash Air.


“Future memo” and “Beauty equipment for facial muscles”

Makuake introduces the collaboration products with technologies from
Japanese major enterprises.

Collaboration with KING JIM

“Future memo” which automatically reminds us what we wrote.

Collaboration with LION

Beauty equipment for facial muscles -technology applied from oral
hygiene research.

>> About
Makuake Incubation Studio



Communicative Security Buzzer – “Solarmori”

For the sunshine our children bring. Feel safe, stay safe, with
– Personal Alarm: Communicates signs asking for help
– LINE Stamp: Communicates thoughts and feelings
– GPS/GNSS: Communicates location information


“Scentee”, The world’s first AI room diffuser.

The world’s first room diffuser with AI, Scentee Machina. Not only
functionality but also design that blend well to any high-end
interior. It is a state-of-the-art room diffuser.
It operates from dedicated applications with a smart device.
Anytime, anywhere, leave your favorite scent as you please.


Innovative Brain Wave Monitoring “Patch-Type” EEG Sensor

Patch-Type EEG sensor is newly developed innovative brain-wave
monitoring system. This small, light-weight, wireless system made
possible for easy and routine measurements, This simple system is
easily adopted into our daily lives. PGV plans to build up the large
database of brain-wave patterns for further AI analysis and
researches in fields of medicine, sleep monitoring, and

We welcome media coverage for the exhibiting
companies at “JAPAN TECH” during CES

At the JAPAN
, we welcome media coverage from any media companies.
For people who want to learn more about JAPAN TECH or would like to
cover a particular company, please check the following link to let us
know your desired date and time.

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submit your request here

JAPAN TECH PROJECT, supporting Japanese
start-ups to go CES

 was started with the ideas of “Introducing fine
Japanese technology to the world” and “we hope to see some Japanese
technologies that will wade to the future.” The concept of JAPAN TECH
PROJECT is to bring many Japanese companies to stand on the global stage
to present their revolutionary technologies, and experience the world
trends with own five senses at CES. Furthermore, we hope this will be a
good opportunities for exciting business partnerships. This project aims
to support Japanese startups to reinforce “Japanese Brand” represent
with the harmony of fine advanced technologies, with human and nature in

The logo of JAPAN TECH is a windmill. The idea behind this is that
companies from Japan that take part in CES will feel the winds of change
throughout the world and begin to spin. With that power, those companies
will send out a new wind themselves and become an independent source of
power. The continuous windmill motive signifies that we generate strong
power together, but our shapes and efforts are all different, organic
and adaptive.

JAPAN TECH PROJECT is planned and operated by 3
companies with good technical skill


CREATIVE VISION is an American based event-managing
firm that specifies in helping over 50 Japanese companies per year join
international exhibitions. As the first and the only authorized CES
Sales Representative in Japan, the exhibiting space for CES can be
selected before general applications. Creative vision takes lead in the
JAPAN TECH exhibition support, booth design, pavilion planning and
operation at the JAPAN TECH.

is an advertising company that has bases in Asia as well as all over
Japan. Having a foothold in the communication industry, DAIKO also helps
start-ups to be accelerated as a partner offering activation design
solutions. DAIKO also actively supports industry development in
technology and consumer needs. As the engine of this project, DAIKO aims
to further develop and cultivate Japanese technology. Daiko is in charge
of the JAPAN TECH project planning, promotion, branding and supporting
the communication of the exhibiting companies.

vision is to “create people who want to change things and lead them to
start the change.” With that in mind, the company creates new industry
within companies and also supports the creation of company policies
regarding human resources and human resource training. With a wide range
of clients, including those in manufacturing, the company utilizes its
rich expertise to connect start-ups and clients to create new business
opportunities. Filament talks a role of the supporting the hardware
start-ups as they take their chance on the global stage.


For questions about the exhibition or projects, please contact us at
the following e-mail


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