USU Seeks Student Input in Second Sexual Misconduct Survey

Utah State University opened its second sexual misconduct survey for students today, and it will run through April 22. USU is surveying all USU students – undergraduate and graduate, as well as on all campuses – to better understand student knowledge, perspectives and experiences related to sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct includes: sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination or harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking. 

“Understanding the experiences students are having around sexual misconduct helps us to better tailor our prevention efforts, as well as make sure we’re responding appropriately,” said Emmalee Fishburn, a prevention specialist with the Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity office. 

Information gathered from the student survey in 2017 has helped USU to create bystander intervention trainings and education campaigns about consent. Fishburn has also used the survey data to modify USU’s prevention efforts to the specific needs of students at regional campuses. Additional questions to this year’s survey are aimed at learning more about the specific kinds of experiences students are having, as well as learning more about experiences with sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination. 

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USU students are encouraged to take the survey at Most students will complete the survey in 15-30 minutes, and all the responses will remain anonymous. The university is offering a prize drawing as an extra incentive to students to take the time to complete the survey early:

  • Students who complete the survey April 1-8, 2019, could win a one $500 Amazon Gift Card, or one of five $100 Amazon gift cards
  • Students who complete the survey April 9-15, 2019, could win one of ten $50 Amazon gift cards
  • Students who complete the survey April 16-22, 2019, could win one of ten $20 Amazon gift cards

Students at the main Logan campus who would like additional support while taking the survey are welcome to take the survey at the Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information office in Taggart Student Center 311, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. SAAVI is available to students on all USU campuses by phone at 435-797-7273.

The sexual misconduct survey is open April 1-22. USU last surveyed students about sexual misconduct in 2017. To learn more about that survey, visit

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