Red Rocks Global Listed Private Equity (GLPE) Index Gains 14.59% in Q1-2019 as Private Company Growth Outpaces Public Markets

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Red Rocks Capital announced today that its Global Listed Private Equity
(GLPE) Index advanced during Q1-2019, up 14.59%. The gain was driven by
strong private company growth along with attractive listed private
equity (LPE) public valuations.

During the 10 years since the Great Financial Crisis, the GLPE Index has
outperformed global all-cap and small-mid cap public equities, global
REITs, and global hedge funds, with annualized returns of 17.22%.

“Unlike indices that attempt to replicate the performance of private
equity, the GLPE index is comprised of global listed private equity
companies that each manage a portfolio of private companies, enhancing
them over time, and eventually selling them or taking them public after
7-10 years,” said Richard Baker, Red Rocks GLPE Index Product Manager.
“The GLPE Index provides access to a different source of returns from
public equities – access to fast growing small- and mid-sized private
companies, backed by the balance sheets and know-how of global listed
private equity firms.”

                Annualized Returns    
        Q1 2019       1 Year       3 Year       5 Year       10 Year
Global Listed Private Equity (GLPE) Index       14.59%       -0.97%       10.99%       5.68%       17.22%
MSCI All Country World Index       12.33%       3.16%       11.32%       7.06%       12.62%
MSCI All Country World Small-Midcap Index       13.29%       -1.18%       9.99%       6.15%       14.10%
S&P Global REIT Index       14.06%       13.93%       4.48%       6.64%       14.84%
HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index       2.60%       -3.32%       1.95%       -0.30%       1.74%

Source: Bloomberg, as of 3/31/2019

About The Red Rocks Global Listed Private (GLPE) Index

Comprised of 40 to 75 listed private equity companies, the GLPE Index
provides broad exposure to the growth and returns generated by thousands
of private companies. For more information, visit the GLPE index

Important Disclosures

This information has been prepared by Red Rocks Capital from data
believed to be reliable, but no representation is made as to accuracy or
The results portrayed reflect the reinvestment of
dividends and other earnings.
The index included securities that
track the performance of private equity firms that are publicly traded.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Index
returns shown are not reflective of actual investor performance or do
they reflect fees and expenses applicable to investing.

Global Listed Private Equity (GLPE) Index: designed to track the
performance of private equity firms which are publicly traded on any
nationally recognized exchange worldwide.

MSCI All Country World Index: a market capitalization weighted index
designed to provide a broad measure of equity-market performance
throughout the world.

MSCI All Country World Small-Midcap Index: captures mid and small
cap representation across 23 Developed Markets (DM) and 24 Emerging

S&P Global REIT Index: a comprehensive benchmark of publicly traded
equity REITs listed in both developed and emerging markets.

HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index: An index designed to be representative
of the overall composition of the hedge fund universe, based on defined
and predetermined rules and objective criteria to select and rebalance
components to maximize representation of the Hedge Fund Universe.

One cannot invest directly in an index.

None of the information contained here constitutes a solicitation,
offer, opinion, or recommendation by Red Rocks Capital LLC to buy or
sell any security, or to provide legal, tax, accounting, or investment
advice or services regarding the profitability or suitability of any
security or investment.


Richard Baker
Red Rocks GLPE Index Product Manager

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