Northeastern Counseling Center Donates $25,000 for USU Scholarship Endowment

The Northeastern Counseling Center (NCC) donated $25,000 to create a scholarship endowment for Utah State University Uintah Basin Master of Social Work students. In 2018, USU President Noelle Cockett announced a limited-time offering of the “Aggie Family Matching Scholarship Initiative,” a USU program that matches 100 percent of a scholarship donation. The NCC jumped on the opportunity, and its donation was matched, creating a total endowment of $50,000.
“For years, we have donated thousands of dollars to USU for scholarships to help alleviate the financial burden for social work students,” said Kyle Snow, CEO of NCC. “When President Cockett announced this new initiative, we knew it would be a no brainer for us. With this endowment, we can provide qualifying students scholarships indefinitely.”
Endowments are different from one-time scholarship donations. Endowments are larger amounts of money that are invested and provide scholarships from the growth of the investment. NCC contributed $30,000 in December 2019 with $25,000 going towards the endowment with an additional $5,000 for current scholarships, It has committed to donate $10,000 for the next two years for a total value of $50,000 available for students. 
The NCC is a professional organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals, families and the community by providing comprehensive and effective behavioral health services. It offers counseling, therapy, addiction treatment, prevention trainings and more. NCC has created a strong partnership with USU, especially with the Master of Social Work program, by offering students scholarships, practicum experience and internships.
According to Snow, the partnership between NCC and USU is a huge benefit to all parties, especially the students. “We are able to provide students hands-on experience necessary to graduate, and in return we offer many students careers. Because of our location, it is often hard for us to recruit social workers to work here. Through this partnership, about 90 percent of those we hire are USU alumni. In the end, our community benefits by having such a well-trained team offering life-changing services.”
To qualify for the NCC Scholarship, one must be a student in the Master of Social Work program at USU Uintah Basin, enrolled in a minimum of six credits and be a resident of Duchesne, Uintah or Daggett County. 

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