Zero to Ten, from New York Times Best-Selling Author Roger Connors, Offers Coaching Process for Employees at Every Level; Get a Coach | Be A Coach™

-New Coaching Company from one of the Authors of The Oz Principle
Turns Corporate Coaching on its Head by Letting Learners Lead and
Letting Skilled Participants Coach-

ALPINE, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href="" target="_blank"gt;#CorporateCoachinglt;/agt;–In a move that is flipping the model in the coaching and leadership
industry, Roger Connors, author of four NYT and WSJ best sellers
including The Oz Principle, has declared that corporate coaching
is long past due for an upgrade.

“Traditional coaching has come from the top down,” he observes. “It’s
generally hitting only the top 10 percent (leaders and high performers)
and the bottom 10 percent (who require remedial training). At an average
cost of $500 an hour, organizations can’t afford to go further than

However, Connors’ new company, Zero to Ten, intends to change the
traditional model in a way that allows everyone to have a coach. In a
concept called Self-Directed Performance Coaching™, participants and
their leaders identify the “Most Important Thing” (MIT) they need to get
done and then get a coach to accelerate their ability to do it.

The “Self-Directed Performance Coaching™” Concept

Depending on the level of need, an individual may require a 15-minute
conversation, perhaps a coaching session to model and watch the skill or
behavior, or multiple sessions from a proficient coach in an ongoing
coaching relationship. In every case, the individual is able to find
their own coach, who may be just a “level up” in their expertise, “coach
their coach” in how they learn best and continue to receive coaching
until they achieve their MIT.

A Coaching Community Model

With the help of specialized software from Zero to Ten, participants
have the ability to search for people who have the skills they need to
achieve their Most Important Thing. Employees can also post the skills
they’re looking for where potential coaches can reach out to help.
Coaches gain the opportunity to lift others as well as reinforce their
newly-gained proficiencies to fully excel. These interactions
cumulatively create what Connors calls a Coaching Community™.

In all cases, leaders determine the ideal MITs and measure the outcomes
in a model that benefits teams and organizations of every size.

A Model that Works

Connors notes today’s managers are supervising a greater number of
direct reports than ever before, making it even less viable for those
managers and leaders to solve the problems each of their team members
face. Self-Directed Coaching puts team members back in the driver’s seat
so that they’re the ones reaching out to get the coaching they need and
solve problems to achieve breakthrough results.

Developing a Coaching Community™ is the answer, he maintains.
Organizations who engage their people and facilitate cross-functional
collaboration see increases in productivity and workplace satisfaction.
Without a doubt, the organization’s Coaching Community™ will become one
of the company’s most valuable assets, he predicts.

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About Zero to Ten

Zero to Ten is a new coaching and leadership training company
from Roger Connors, the renowned leadership expert who has co-authored
four NYT and WSJ best-selling books on leadership including The Oz
Principle, Change the Culture, Change the Game, How Did That Happen?,
Journey to the Emerald City, Wisdom of Oz and Fix It!

Connors is ranked by the Top 30 Global Gurus as one of the world’s Top
10 Organizational Culture Professionals. With the leadership team of
Zero to Ten, he is turning the corporate coaching model on its head with
a plan to give every employee a coach and everyone the opportunity to be
a coach. In this way, performance coaching is affordable and available
to every person and organization. Engagement rises and productivity and
profitability soar. A company’s Coaching Community™ may become its most
valuable asset. For more information on Zero to Ten, the Self-Directed
Performance Coaching™ concept and the Coaching Community™ model, visit


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