Secureworks Launches New Cybersecurity Analytics Application to Accelerate Threat Detection and Response

Red Cloak™ Threat Detection and Response Places the Skills of a
Pure-Play Cybersecurity Company in the Hands of In-House Security Teams

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Secureworks® (NASDAQ: SCWX), a leading cybersecurity company that keeps
organizations safe in the digitally connected world, today announced the
launch of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that will transform
the way companies detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats.

Red Cloak™ Threat Detection and Response (TDR) is a security analytics
application that continuously applies more than 20 years of threat
intelligence and advanced analytics to customer endpoints, network and
cloud deployments. With deep learning and machine learning at its core,
Red Cloak TDR is designed to help customers detect advanced threats and
reduce their volume of alerts and false positives so they can identify
and respond to critical threats faster. Secureworks’ cloud-native
application speeds investigations with intuitive workflows and
automation, as well as a chat feature that gives users direct access to
Secureworks’ team of experienced cybersecurity experts. Subscribers will
also immediately benefit from the Secureworks network effect: When
Secureworks’ Counter Threat UnitTM identifies a new threat in
one of its 4200+ customer environments, a countermeasure will be made
available in the Red Cloak TDR application.

Security environments are often a collection of disconnected layers of
security products that leave gaps where threats can dwell
undetected for hundreds of days1
. “Today’s well-armed
and coordinated adversaries
operate in a collaborative and
sophisticated manner, yet the industry continues to rely on disparate
tools and siloed, manual investigations,” says Wendy
Thomas, SVP of Business and Product Strategy
. “Red Cloak Threat
Detection and Response automates the investigation of high fidelity
alerts and integrates decades of experience, knowledge and threat
intelligence so enterprises can rapidly take the right action and reduce
business risk.”

Intuitive and responsive, Red Cloak TDR integrates Secureworks’ threat
intelligence which is compiled from billions of events across thousands
of security environments and continuously updated to include new and
emerging threats. Additionally, Red Cloak TDR integrates data from a
variety of third-party sources to give organizations the best possible
understanding of their threat landscape.

  • Red Cloak TDR analyzes activity from endpoint, network and cloud while
    drastically reducing the number of false positives security
    professionals face. It detects advanced threats by correlating
    information from a variety of sources and threat intelligence feeds,
    integrating Secureworks’ knowledge of threat actor behaviors, and
    applying machine learning to provide much-needed context about the
    threat. Red Cloak TDR builds trust in security alerts and frees
    security teams to focus on threats that matter.
  • Designed around Secureworks’ defense in concert methodology, Red Cloak
    TDR unifies security environments and analyzes all relevant signals in
    one place. Users gain additional context so they can quickly and
    accurately judge the implications of each event.
  • By seamlessly working on investigations together, teams can quickly
    reach conclusions with confidence. The built-in chat feature can be
    used right from the user interface during an investigation to get
    expert help based upon years of experience hunting, analyzing and
    defending against threats.
  • The application allows for a quick, accurate, software-driven response
    that gives users the ability to automate the right action.
  • Because Red Cloak TDR is a cloud-based SaaS application, companies
    won’t have the burden of installing on-premises hardware or
    maintaining software version upgrades. Updates, backups and tuning are
  • Red Cloak TDR does not charge by data consumption, so subscribers are
    free to process the security-relevant data they need to keep their
    organization safe.
  • Onboarding is quick and easy because the application is designed to
    easily integrate into an organization’s current control framework.

Red Cloak TDR is the first in a suite of Red Cloak SaaS solutions from
Secureworks to help enterprises reduce complexity in their security
operations and become more self-sufficient to defend against current and
emerging threats.

1. Secureworks Incident Response Insights Report, 2018

About Secureworks

Secureworks® (NASDAQ: SCWX) is a technology-driven cybersecurity leader
that protects organizations in the digitally connected world. Built on
proprietary technologies and world-class threat intelligence, our
applications and solutions help prevent, detect, and respond to cyber
threats. Red Cloak™ software brings advanced threat analytics to
thousands of customers and the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™
processes over 300B threat events per day. We understand complex
security environments and are passionate about simplifying security with
Defense in Concert™ so that security becomes a business enabler. More
than 4,000 customers across over 50 countries are protected by
Secureworks, benefit from our network effect and are Collectively
Smarter. Exponentially Safer.™




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