Fatty Acid Threshold Test Pre-screening Questionnaires

Dr. Silvana Martini’s research team is conducting a threshold determination test for linoleic acid (a compound commonly found in fat-based foods). Participants will be asked to taste samples of linoleic acid when present in soybean oil and in emulsions (a milk-like liquid).
If you are interested, please fill out a pre-screening application. You will receive a single scope Aggie Ice Cream coupon for completing the application. If selected from the questionnaire you will be asked to participate in a test where you will taste samples of linolenic acid in soybean oil and be compensated with a single scope Aggie Ice Cream coupon. Selected participants will meet 3 times a week for approximately an hour to conduct tests. A $10 an hour compensation will be offered for the participants’ time and a $50 incentive will be offered to those that participate in all training and testing sessions.
Participants must be 18 or older and have a BMI between 18.9 – 24.9 (healthy range) to participate. Pregnant women, people with food allergies, those on any medication, people with hypertension, diabetic individuals, those with dentures, and people with gum or oral disease will be excluded from the test.

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