Phytech Commercializes Plant-Based Irrigation Application for Industrial Hemp

TEL AVIV, Israel & DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Phytech announces commercialization of its Industrial Hemp Plant-Based
irrigation application, following successful development of optimal
growth, stress and yield outcomes, conducted by Phytech’s R&D teams in
Israel and Colorado, led by Dr. Omer Guy, Dr. Shalom Fox and Dr. Ido
Gardi, with collaboration of leading breeders, nurseries and growers in

The application, as in all Phytech Plant-Based applications, comprises
direct, in-season, continuous monitoring of plant growth parameters and
applied irrigation (by proprietary sensors), micro-climate conditions,
forecasts and imagery analysis, delivering real-time Plant status push
notifications and Plant AI- based irrigation demands (when and how much
to irrigate).

The unique Hemp application will assist growers to optimize yields by
reducing over-irrigation and stress events that may lead to an increase
in THC levels (>0.3%) leading to total loss of crop.

The Phytech Hemp application service is commercially available and
supported in Colorado & California for the 2019 season.

Phytech is thankful for the trust of leading growers in Colorado who
have signed agreements to implement the Phytech service across their
Hemp sites during the coming 2019 season.

About Phytech:

Phytech is a Digital Ag company that develops Plant-based farming
applications. Powered by direct plant sensing, advanced data analytics,
machine learning, and artificial plant intelligence, Phytech provides
growers easy-to-use applications to achieve better yields, healthier
crops and higher profits. Phytech’s revolutionary irrigation solution is
deployed by leading growers worldwide.

For more information please contact:


Amit Shiloni
Phone number: +1 402 521 3790

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