petroWEB, Providing Global Data Cataloging and Solutions to Energy Industry, Now Offers Information on Almost Seven Million Oil Wells Worldwide

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–petroWEB, a leading provider of global data cataloging and data
solutions to the energy industry, today announced the release of its
Global Well Library (GWL), which catalogs information on nearly seven
million oil wells worldwide.

The new GWL has been compiled from an array of data sources, including
commercial vendors, state oil companies’ ministries and government
agencies, representing more than 60 countries. GWL allows subscribers to
query the catalog using sophisticated GIS (geographic information
searches) as well as text-based searches. Among the data types that GWL
identifies for each well are logs, reports, core analyses, test results,
geochemistry, stratigraphy and rock physics.

“GWL includes contact details so inquiries regarding pricing, licensing
terms and conditions can be conducted directly with the source,” said
Steve Allen, director – sales and business development at petroWEB.

“E&P companies can rely on GWL for 24/7 access to one of the industry’s
most efficient, up-to-date and comprehensive catalogs of oil wells
around the globe,” Allen said. “GWL data is compiled from an impressive
array of sources and it’s only getting better for our subscribers. The
next release of GWL will include details of regional reports and studies
as well.”

GWL is a companion product to petroWEB’s original catalog, Global
Seismic Library (GSL), which provides navigation data and acquisition
details of 2D and 3D surveys and gravity/magnetic data from more than 30
multi-client vendors. GSL has recently expanded to include seismic
coverage available from NOCs, governments, ministries or in the public
domain. GSL offers a composite from 46 vendors and government agencies,
covering more than 110 countries, with over 812,000 2D lines, 17,500 3D
surveys and 45,000 gravity and magnetic surveys.

Both GWL and GSL from petroWEB focus on providing efficiencies in data
acquisition to the energy industry, reducing the time and effort
required to find and develop exploration opportunities. Corporate users
of GSL can also download the data to integrate into their own internal
systems to compare with existing commercial or proprietary data coverage.

About petroWEB

petroWEB is a global data cataloging and data solutions provider to the
energy industry. For more than 15 years, E&P companies have relied on
petroWEB’s data catalogs to maximize efficiencies around data
identification and data acquisition. petroWEB’s data solutions provide
companies with instant access to updated global data coverage and the
most relevant and highest quality well and seismic data available.
Leveraging the power of data analytics from petroWEB, clients eliminate
the need to spend hours searching and comparing data offerings from
multiple sources.

For additional information, visit
or contact Steve Allen, director – sales and business development at


Steve Allen

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