Hemp Processor Socati Corp. Debuts New Flavorless Water Soluble CBG Rich Cannabinoid Ingredients at SupplySide West

  • New water soluble ingredients use advanced microencapsulation to deliver truly flavorless CBD and other cannabinoids including CBG and CBN
  • Builds on years of innovation in the flavor and fragrance space and brings industry-leading technology to the hemp market for the first time
  • Socati to demonstrate the new ingredient at SupplySide West in Las Vegas at booth #7045

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Socati Corp. today announced that it will debut its most advanced water soluble ingredients at SupplySide West, Oct. 15-19 in Las Vegas. The company’s newest water soluble ingredients bring advanced microencapsulation technology from the food and beverage world into the hemp-derived ingredients market, delivering flavor and texture profiles unmatched by current offerings.

Socati’s new water soluble ingredients are truly flavorless. Their unique properties enable manufacturers to incorporate hemp-derived cannabinoids into their products without the need for emulsifiers, surfactants, additional flavoring agents or other complicated treatments.

This advanced microencapsulation technology helps make unique and customizable formulations possible. Capabilities include the integration of natural antioxidants and antimicrobials to extend shelf life, flavor solutions to create comprehensive ingredients for product development, and other functional ingredients such as vitamins. For example, Socati is currently formulating a custom solution for a client containing vitamin B12, specific levels of CBG and CBD, and a distinct fruit flavor for functionality testing.

Incorporating cannabinoids into beverages, food and topicals without altering flavor or texture of finished products has been a significant problem faced by the industry which, up to now, hasn’t had a viable, commercial solution.” said Socati CEO Josh Epstein. “Through leveraging some of the most advanced technologies in the food and beverage industry, our new ingredient offers the precision that manufacturers require to satisfy the rapidly growing consumer demand for products containing CBD and other cannabinoids.”

Like all of Socati’s ingredients, this water soluble product uses proprietary chromatographic processes to ensure all of the CBD and other desirable compounds found in hemp remain in the finished product, while THC levels are far below most commercial labs’ ability to detect.

These ingredients take advantage of Socati’s fully customizable product technology, which offers manufacturers the ability to purchase all-natural ingredients with specific cannabinoid profiles to meet increasing consumer demand for personalized products.

In addition to meeting company leadership and key scientific personnel, visitors to Socati’s booth #7045 at SupplySide West will be able to participate in demonstrations featuring the company’s advanced water soluble ingredients.

Socati has raised $42 million in private capital since late 2018, enabling it to deliver significant advancements in hemp-derived ingredients. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, has a research and development genetics and seed facility in Woodburn, Ore., and a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified processing and manufacturing facility in Missoula, Mont.

About Socati

Socati is a leading processor of defined spectrum hemp extracts. The company provides a top-quality and consistent product for a market projected to reach $22 billion by 2022. Leveraging investments in new technologies, Socati engages in large-scale manufacturing and has logistics in place to process increasing amounts of hemp biomass to meet demand. With the ability to manufacture defined spectrum hemp extracts at scale, Socati is built to serve the needs of large, international CPG companies that are seeking high-quality raw materials. To learn more about Socati, visit www.socati.com or contact info@socati.com.


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