Food for Thought: Honors Students Ask for Thoughts on Plant-Based Burgers

Food – something everyone consumes, varying across culture, location, and personal preference.
The Utah State University Honors program focuses on the challenge of Sapere Aude, or Dare to Know. This challenge applies to all aspects of life, including becoming more aware of the food choices we make. Working with professor Denise Stewardson from the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, four honors students: Breanna Beck, Megan Boyce, Tyler Jackson and Mitchell Western, are hoping to promote food choice awareness at USU.
The group has specifically focused on the relatively new food plant-based hamburger, as it is something many have not been exposed to yet. NOTE: This is not a promotion of plant-based meat, but an exploration of current campus knowledge of new food. The students will be giving short presentations of their initial findings at the Taggart Student Center on Friday, Nov. 15, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This will give students an opportunity to gain a greater breadth of understanding of food.
One aspect of their research includes a survey asking what Aggies know and think of plant-based burger. If you have the time, please participate in the survey (this usually takes less than two minutes).  

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