Clear Cannabis, Inc. Opens Private Round of Funding to Accredited Investors

The funding round will be available through the online capital raising platform, Flash Funders

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clear Cannabis, Inc. (CCI), a leading cannabis distribution and infrastructure company in legal marijuana states, announced it is opening a $10 million, private funding round for accredited investors on the website

“With support from our current investors, we believe we were able to elevate The Clear™ Concentrates brand to one of the most recognizable brands in cannabis,” said John Cushman, CEO for Clear Cannabis, Inc. “Opening funding gives us the opportunity to continue to grow industry-leading cannabis brands into existing and emerging legal cannabis markets. Along with our manufacturing partners, we are committed to providing adult cannabis consumers with a consistent and clean product.”

Colorado-based, CCI owns the intellectual property of pioneering cannabis concentrate brand, The Clear™ and licenses the brand out to partners in different states to produce the product. CCI provides licensed partners with the infrastructure and branding to consistently produce the entire product suite of The Clear. CCI is also launching an expanded CBD line of products, growing its hemp product offerings in the last year. The Clear CBD new products expect to include AM capsules, PM capsules, lip balm, tinctures and salves.

According to BDS Analytics, concentrates are expected to be an $8 billion retail market by 2022, outpacing the expected sales of traditional flower.

CCI has increased the visibility and reach of The Clear Concentrates. After originally starting in California in 2014 as the gold standard of cannabis extract, CCI has acquired and grown the brand to be widely available in six states in the U.S.


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About Clear Cannabis, Inc.

Clear Cannabis, Inc. is the international master licensor of “The Clear Concentrate” and the Clear family of products. The Clear was created as a consolidation from Cannabis Venture Capital firm Cliintel Capital Management Group, LLC. The consolidation included the portfolios of seven cannabis-related companies and corresponding intellectual property assets: The Clear™ Concentrates, Subtle Escape, Subtle Relief, 5156 Systems, Cannabis Industry Institute, Cliintel, LLC, and BATMANN Consulting, Inc.


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