Representative Cory Maloy to Seek Re-election to the Utah House of Representatives

LEHI, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#corymaloyRepresentative Cory Maloy announced today his intent to run for re-election in the Utah House of Representatives for Utah House District 6, where he currently serves.

“It is an exciting time to serve the people of House District 6,” said Maloy. “Over the past two years, we’ve tackled some big issues challenging our district, for example, the growth of our District, which is unfounded in the history of Utah; the challenges of development and transportation as we endure the construction of the I-15 Technology Corridor; the ongoing work to improve air quality and access to water and other natural resources; fighting to protect the founding principles of our Constitutional rights; eliminating government regulation and overreach; eliminating unnecessary or inappropriate penalties restricting freedoms; and other important issues and policies for the people of Utah.”


Maloy plans to continue his focus on these and other critical areas:

  • Utah State Growth – Maloy regularly works on issues related to growth, pollution and transportation.
  • Law Enforcement – Maloy supports law enforcement and has successfully helped increase support and safety for peace officers and emergency personnel.
  • Education – Maloy supports eliminating federal influence in Utah education. He also supports parental choice for children, the responsible use of technology, and effective ways to help children learn. He voted in favor of the recent education funding plan that guarantees funding even in times of economic downturn.
  • Taxation – He regularly strives to find ways to decrease the tax burden for taxpayers and supports better utilization of current revenue over new taxation.
  • Freedom and Rights – Maloy supports and protects the U.S. Constitution – especially the First and Second Amendments.

Representative Maloy serves as vice-chair of the House Business and Labor Committee and serves on the House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee, and the Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Committee.

Maloy is founder and principal of Maloy PR, a successful public relations firm based in the heart of Silicon Slopes of Lehi.

In addition to serving as House Representative, Maloy served as Chair of Legislative District 6 of the Utah County Republican Party (UCRP), and as Volunteers Officer and PR and Media Officer, as a Precinct Chair and as a county and state delegate.

People can reach Maloy at, and at


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