Statewide Faculty Workshop

The Statewide Campuses Faculty Workshop of Utah State University is an exclusive event where faculty can expand their peer network and focus on the issues most relevant to them. Presentations include faculty-led sessions focused on case studies, research, and best practices, mingled with special updates and tips from USU administrators and other campus offices. Open forums and networking lunches will give attendees a chance to exchange ideas with peers and campus leadership.

Registrants can expect the following:

-Opportunities to network with other USU Statewide Campuses faculty
-A chance to present research and teaching practices (please see the call for proposals)
-Insightful breakout sessions
-Opportunities to share feedback with campus leadership through an open forum
-Staff on hand to help with questions about Canvas, IVC, teaching documentation, and other topics
-Updates on the latest improvements in educational technologies
-One free lunch, a free dinner, and a continental breakfast

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