CHaSS Virtual Tour: People & Culture

Learn how programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHaSS) can lead to careers in the areas of People & Culture. Meet virtually with advisors and faculty as we answer questions about majors in Anthropology, Sociology, Literature, American Studies, Religious Studies, Classics, Languages, and Global Communication.

We’ll start with an overview for all interested students at 11:30am and then breakout into groups. Participate in one or more sessions by joining the conversation at the appropriate time:

-Overview of CHaSS Leadership and Communications programs 11:30-11:45am
-Anthropology & Sociology 11:45am-11:55am
-Literature & American Studies 11:55am-12:05pm
-Religious Studies and Classics 12:05-12:15pm
-Languages and Global Communication 12:15-12:25pm

Follow this link to register and listen in on Wednesday via WebEx!

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