MDClone and Intermountain Healthcare Significantly Enhance Care for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in Early Identification and Engagement

Leveraging MDClone’s platform, Intermountain Healthcare Kidney Services achieved its goal to reduce hospitalization and prevent mortality for patients over the past year

BE’ER-SHEVA, Israel & SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MDClone, a digital health company, together with Intermountain Healthcare, today announced impressive results achieved on the one-year anniversary of the creation of an innovative clinic service which helps patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease live their healthiest lives possible.

In September 2019, Intermountain Healthcare partnered with MDClone in tandem with the launch of Intermountain Healthcare Kidney Services to organize and prioritize populations with chronic conditions for early outreach and care coordination. The goal of this program is to reduce hospitalizations and prevent unnecessary morbidity and mortality by identifying and engaging patients in early stages of CKD. Over the past year, with the help of MDClone, the program has ensured patients receive a cutting-edge, fully integrated and coordinated experience throughout the continuum of their care.

Many individuals in the U.S. are unaware of their risk of CKD and find themselves in end-stage renal disease without ever being aware of a problem. This was also true at Intermountain, where prior to the MDClone deployment, seventy percent of patients suddenly found themselves in need of dialysis without any real warning. In partnership with MDClone, Intermountain Healthcare Kidney Services set out to better identify at-risk, early, and late stage patients, evaluate and prioritize care, and set performance metrics for the population.

To achieve this goal, MDClone worked with clinical and operational leaders in Kidney Services to deploy algorithms that accurately identify CKD patients by stage, presence of acute kidney injury (AKI) and stratified these patients by gaps in care and time from last encounter. This set the foundation for a data-driven referral program where MDClone integrates these insights with SymphonyRM as the patient engagement tool for care coordinators to prioritize outreach. In addition to identifying and engaging patients, SymphonyRM is providing feedback to MDClone on referral sources, patient actions, and primary care provider responses from the community. With this information Kidney Services is able to leverage MDClone to track and manage these patients by action, outcome, and cost.

Some of the notable results achieved over the course of the partnership to-date include:

  • Identification and early engagement of CKD patients enabled early intervention and 86% avoidance in unplanned admissions for our risk population, well surpassing our target of 50% in range of $6 million in savings.
  • Among the patients who presented with stage G3A or G3B, none progressed to dialysis.
  • From a research perspective, Intermountain Healthcare has revealed probabilistic measures in comorbidity management upstream of kidney care as predictors for adverse events and stage progression.

“Over the last year of our partnership with MDClone, we’re extremely excited and proud of the results we have achieved to help our patients receive the best care possible,” said Ray Morales, Executive Operations Director, Intermountain Healthcare System Kidney Services. “MDClone’s data-driven tools have supported our team in identifying, understanding and treating our chronic kidney disease patients in a more effective way, solving a problem that our team has worked to remedy for a long time. We look forward to continuing our partnership and seeing how we can continue to help our patients with more impactful care.”

“At MDClone, we pride ourselves in being able to help healthcare organizations like Intermountain Healthcare innovate and improve patient care,” said Ziv Ofek, Founder and CEO of MDClone. “Our partnership with Intermountain Healthcare is a great example of the results that can be achieved between technology and healthcare partners to increase operational efficiency through data-driven decision-making and results. We are excited about these initial results and can’t wait to see how we can continue partnering to save lives.”

The early success of Intermountain’s CKD program has inspired expansion to other Intermountain Healthcare clinical programs in the form of comorbidity management. Next steps will focus on leveraging MDClone’s patient lists to prioritize care processes in diabetes and hypertension in Stage G2 and G3A patients.

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