Utah Women in 2020: Challenges, Opportunities, and Next Steps

For decades, Utah has been behind the nation in women’s economic empowerment, professional achievement, political representation, and the presence of women in leadership in all sectors. Yet we have been near the top of the nation’s rankings in areas like domestic violence, sexual assault, and cosmetic surgery. The Utah Women & Leadership Project, Salt Lake Tribune, and YWCA Utah have collected data that show where Utah women have ranked in the past and documents women’s own perceptions and experiences as well. This engaging panel discussion will unpack current research findings and focus on top-of-mind issues for Utah women in 2020: What are our most pressing challenges and promising opportunities? How is our rapidly changing world affecting women and girls in the state? And finally, what might be the next steps to strengthen the impact of women in Utah in all sectors, including home, church, business, schools, universities, and beyond? Join us for a lively discussion with experts on Utah women’s issues to gain deeper insights into where we have been, where we are going, and how you can personally engage in this important work.

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