Utah State University Sees Increased Giving for Fiscal Year 2020

Utah State University saw an increase in private giving this year, raising $46.6 million from July 2019 through June 2020.

These funds represent more than a 15% increase over the previous fiscal year, and include 37 new endowed scholarships, 29 of which came from first-time donors. The university also received 16 expendable scholarships with 10 given by first-time donors.

“The Aggie family has shown incredible compassion for this university and its students in what must be one of the most tumultuous years we’ve experienced,” said USU Vice President for Advancement Matt White. “They answered the call to provide these students with opportunities, and will forever have our thanks for such inspiring dedication to USU’s goals.”

FY 2020 Philanthropic Highlights:

  • More than $6 million raised for student scholarships.
  • Gifts enabled 2,906 main-campus students to receive privately funded scholarships totaling more than $3.1 million.
  • An additional 646 students attending USU Eastern received more than $460,000 in privately funded scholarships.
  • Utah State received 11 gifts of $1 million or more.
  • 44 students were helped through AggieFunded crowdfunding campaigns.
  • The Student Nutrition Access Center received 1,321 student visits between May and August. Counseling and Psychological Services also conducted 1,767 counseling appointments for 349 total student clients in the same timeframe.

“Our alumni’s continued engagement, leadership and philanthropy is remarkable,” said University President Noelle Cockett. “The thoughtfulness our donors displayed this past year is both humbling and inspiring. Working together with this community to support a new generation of students creates long-term positive impact in ways we can’t even imagine.”

Focus on Student Emergency Hardship Fund

Beginning in March, Utah State’s Student Emergency Hardship Fund has provided grants to students faced with challenges threatening their ability to continue a college education. These funds address a variety of needs, from college textbooks and groceries to covering unexpected medical expenses and travel costs for students driving home for family emergencies.

In response to difficulties caused by Covid-19 between May and August, 235 emergency hardship grants were awarded for a total of $113,237 in assistance.

“The hardship fund was a huge emphasis this year,” White said. “We know the pandemic put many students in some difficult circumstances. We are so grateful for the commitment and the empathy demonstrated by our donors, especially in recent months as we’ve worked to restart classes and provide the full Utah State experience to our new students.”

Aggie Plates Continue to Boost Scholarship Support

While the Hardship Fund has been a major focus, many of the university’s other initiatives continued to see encouraging growth. The Aggie License Plate Scholarship Program generated 530 new plates in FY 2020, raising $198,875 — a 10% increase over FY 2019. The total number of Aggie plates on the road now totals 8,453. Over the lifetime of the plate program, more than $1.3 million has been raised for student scholarships.

Gifts from Diverse Places

Utah State received donations from 46 different states and 27 counties within the state of Utah this year. The highest total amount donated came from Salt Lake County with $3,893,137 in gifts from 172 distinct donors, while Cache County saw the highest number of distinct donors with 1,153 individuals giving more than $1.35 million. Utah County rounded out the top three with $222,204 from 60 distinct donors.

Outside of Utah, the top three states in total dollars donated were Illinois ($2,253,816), Washington ($1,522,417) and Idaho ($1,469,680).

Utah State has also opened six new alumni chapters throughout the country since July 1, 2019 — including Aggies in Boise, Box Elder County, Las Vegas, the Rockies, Florida, and New York.

First Annual Day of Giving a Success

A new initiative launched last year to give additional opportunities for donors large and small to support the individual programs and colleges of their choosing. Known as A Day of Giving, the 24-hour fundraiser resulted in 400 gifts made in its first year, raising $148,991 and providing key funding for more than 72 student organizations.

“A Day of Giving promises to be a key initiative for us moving forward,” White said. “The outpouring of gifts from unexpected places illustrates how generous this community can be.”

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