ClinOne Named Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution of 2020

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ClinOne, the leader in virtual clinical trial management has been named one Top 10 Patient Engagement Vendors of 2020 by Healthcare Tech Outlook. ClinOne’s platform goes beyond merely digitizing clinical research processes and enables new methods of communication, support, and interactivity which expand the patient pool, increase compliance, and raise retention rates.

ClinOne’s platform allows patients to enroll in a clinical trial remotely, conduct visits with their research site while inside their home, and stay connected with all aspects of the study. Deployed across 55 countries and over 50 languages, ClinOne offers an industry-leading two-to-four week implementation timeline as study sponsors move faster than ever to bring new treatments to patients and families worldwide.

“While ClinOne is honored by this industry recognition, the real credit goes to our customers –the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are not satisfied with the status quo and push us to truly solve problems that slow drug development,” said Rob Bohacs (LinkedIn), co-founder and CEO of ClinOne. “As a result, patients who otherwise may not have been able to participate are now enrolled in clinical trials around the world, and they are more active and engaged because of the increased convenience that blends trial activities seamlessly into their daily lives.”

The award encompasses ClinOne’s entire patient engagement suite with an emphasis on eConsent and digital endpoint wearables. eConsent allows patients to review study information, packaged in an understandable way, at their own pace and from the comfort and safety of their home. Meanwhile, ClinOne has partnered with several device manufacturers to build one of the most robust and impactful connected wearables offerings in the industry to capture 15 remote digital endpoints. In particular, ClinOne’s partnership with the BioSticker from BioIntelliSense enables 30-day tracking of vital signs passively without any patient effort.

“It is truly amazing that something so small and discrete like the BioSticker can collect so much critical data,” said Bohacs. “Our trial sponsors are finding ways to allow patients to participate in the clinical trial remotely and still collect the necessary data that they would traditionally receive via sits visits. Beyond the BioSticker, we can also provide patients with Bluetooth Blood Pressure Cuffs, Weight Scales, PulseOx monitors and other wireless devices. The use of technologies and wearables has allowed patients to remain in clinical trials during this extremely challenging time, and we are proud to be one of the companies helping to drive real change for patients worldwide.”

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