Humless Reports Continued Battery Sales Growth Through COVID Year

Company now delivering Energy Storage System (ESS) through authorized installers

LINDON, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#alternativeenergy–Humless today reports strong growth in 2020 battery sales with a strong Q4 spike, despite the industry’s COVID related challenges. Bucking the solar industry’s diminished demand related to the pandemic, Humless’ sales are rising. Web sales inquiries are up year over year compared to 2019 and the company sold 6.6 megawatt-hours (MWh) of their UL listed 5 kWh Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries in just the past three months. That’s enough to furnish more than 330 homes with enough battery power to live off grid. They may be used with or without solar panels to provide power security. CEO Glenn Jakins suggests supply chain issues have affected the industry.

“Humless is filling the gap left by other companies suffering supply chain issues in 2020,” states Glenn Jakins, CEO for Humless. “Perhaps the fact that we manufacture our own batteries contributes to our success. We designed the 5kW battery, manufacture to rigorous specifications, and have managed to keep supply chains open despite problems plaguing the energy storage business. Consumers and resellers are also recognizing the advantages of Lithium-Iron Phosphate over Lithium-Ion used by most competitors.”

While Humless’ unique battery design greatly improves battery life and reduces fire hazard, other factors influenced battery storage and solar installations in 2020. As reported in the LA Times, “many homeowners aren’t exactly in the mood these days to have …installers on their roof” or in their house. Despite this challenge, continuing demand is rising in part to increased rolling blackouts in California which have made homeowners and businesses aware of the critical need to take ownership of their own energy security. In November of 2020, Technavio also forecasted strong 37 percent growth of the residential solar storage market through 2024.

Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFEPO4) technology uses no rare earth elements and is non-toxic, is earth friendly, chemically stable, requires less energy in mining and processing, and has a longer life without the memory problems troubling lead-acid batteries.

In addition to battery manufacturing, the solar industry takes note of Humless Universal technology. Humless Universal is first to combine simultaneous AC and DC Coupling, Multi-level Reticulation, Load Shifting, Power Shaving, and a Charge Controller into a single box. This provides intelligent energy management for customers’ power needs, lowers electrical costs and extends battery life.

About Humless

Humless is fueling the evolution of home and commercial power management, and the way contractors offer it. With Humless Universal Energy Management (UEM) installers can connect any brand of panels, inverters, and batteries into one seamless, scalable system. We apply commercial micro-grid thinking for the residential market, as well as for commercial customers seeking systems for securing the most cost-effective flow of electricity – on or off-grid.


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