Utah State Greats 2020: A Utah State of Change

The Utah State Greats celebrates the many meaningful discoveries, engagement and connections the Utah State University creates every year.

And while the 2020 New Year arrived holding the promise of a fresh start and a new decade filled with opportunities to renew goals and build on what Utah State University does best – teaching, research and service, by March, the COVID-19 pandemic brought USU and its bustling campus life to a “virtual” standstill.

USU’s community and employees were faced with the question: “How do we continue to provide quality education while protecting the health and wellness of our students.”

However, in true Aggie fashion, progress went undeterred. Educators, administrators and students alike accepted the challenges with both resiliency and resolve.

To learn more about the amazing Aggie community and how they not only embraced, but flourished throughout the year, visit Utah State Greats 2020: A Utah State of Change.

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