Alumni Lunch Series: Special Presentation with Jared Stein, VP Higher Education Strategy at Instructure

On Friday, January 29, CHaSS students will have the opportunity to hear from Jared Stein, Vice President for Higher Education Strategy at Instructure. In addition to working his way up the ranks at Instructure, the maker of Canvas, Jared has held several roles in higher education and in the area of Instructional Design. He holds a master’s degree in Second Language Teaching and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Utah State University.

If you’re interested to learn where higher education is headed and the tools that are likely to propel it forward, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss. Come hear Jared candidly discuss his career path and the milestones that helped him move into an executive position with one of Utah’s most notable tech companies and a leader in the field of educational software.

All USU students, alumni, faculty, and staff are welcome to listen in and ask questions using the Q&A feature.

Join us at 12:30pm MST!

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