Midigator Now Makes it Simple for Enterprise Merchants to Fight Chargebacks

AMERICAN FORK, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Midigator®, the leading chargeback and dispute technology company, today released a significant update to its popular DisputeFlow® product. DisputeFlow is a zero-integration technology platform that was built to empower merchants to easily fight their own chargebacks. The updated version also includes advanced templating, workflow enhancements, and user experience updates focused on integrating the technology into existing chargeback workflows. While DisputeFlow is suitable for all merchants in any industry, recent development efforts were specifically designed for enterprise businesses.

DisputeFlow was first introduced to the market in early 2019 and has been a welcome addition to the payment dispute industry. For decades, merchants have struggled with the confusing, labor-intensive, time-consuming process of fighting chargebacks. The goal of DisputeFlow is to immediately remove the most common complexities that merchants face and then consistently enhance the platform as new challenges emerge.

DisputeFlow’s latest updates are the result of collaboration with several of Midigator’s enterprise clients. These merchants shared valuable insights based on real-world experiences and helped build the perfect platform for high-volume merchants.

Midigator is focused on continuously developing our technology to simplify payment disputes,” said Corey Baggett, CEO of Midigator. “This milestone is a significant step along that journey. To be able to enhance user experience while expanding the solution to address the needs of enterprise clients is a testament to the talent on our team. I am excited for the future as we continue to more broadly extend our technology to address the needs of stakeholders throughout the payments ecosystem.”

The new features were primarily designed to enhance the user experience and increase customization options. However, the updates are also aimed at improving win rates. Merchants, especially enterprise brands, can expect to continuously increase winnability and decrease labor costs. To date, DisputeFlow merchants have experienced a 225% average increase in their win rates and an 84% average reduction in the amount of time spent on dispute responses.

A select group of Midigator’s enterprise merchants have completed a successful round of testing, and the enhanced version of DisputeFlow is now ready for public use. Interested merchants and prospective resellers can learn more and sign up for a demo here.

About Midigator: Midigator believes the challenges of running a business should be delivering great products or services, not managing payment risk. That’s why the company became the first to use technology to prevent, fight, and analyze chargebacks, providing an efficient and effective alternative to labor-intensive, manual processes. Midigator’s technology removes the complexity of payment disputes so businesses can get back to business. Features like real-time reporting, labor-saving automation, and in-depth analytics benefit businesses of all sizes in all industries. To learn more, visit Midigator.com.



Derek Vest, VP Marketing


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