NFL Veteran, Marques Ogden, Joins Forces With an Army Veteran and Grind Oral Care to Launch a Game-Changing Toothpaste

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#charcoaltoothpaste–Former NFL offensive linemen, Marques Ogden, officially joins Grind Oral Care as a co-owner. Marques is now in the trenches combating oral care problems!

Marques blocked for the Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and the Jacksonville Jaguars during his 5-year NFL career. In 2007, Marques launched a construction company, which quickly grew into a multi-million-dollar firm. In 2013, he lost everything, including $2 million in 90 days, due to a bad business deal. However, Marques changed course and persevered against all odds.

He rebounded and became an inspirational speaker and executive coach to help others succeed where he had failed. His resilience epitomizes “The Grind” never quit culture, making him an invaluable asset to Team Grind. Today, Marques is on Offense, leading marketing efforts as Grind begins a grassroots effort to compete with the Toothpaste Giants.

As a former athlete, Marques wants to win; and with his ambition and drive, Grind is ready to compete. He joins forces with U.S Army Special Operations Veteran, Roger Gindlesperger Jr to turn boring commodities into inspirational, game changing products, while helping Veterans.

Grind is a new lifestyle toothpaste brand poised to shake things up with innovative products. The first being Grind Toothpaste. A revolutionary charcoal-based toothpaste that whitens and strengthens! Going a step further, Grind differs from all other “fluoride-free” toothpastes by trading fluoride for not one, but two natural alternatives that are backed by real science. The Grind has commenced.

Rise. Grind. Repeat.

About Grind Oral Care LLC

Grind Oral Care is dedicated to creating safe, natural, great tasting and extremely effective oral care products designed to combat oral care problems. Extraordinary products backed by science to deliver results, while inspiring others to get after it, grind and never quit. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok: @grindoralcare


Roger L Gindlesperger Jr

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