Jazz Jam Session with Ryan Nielsen

In our continuing series of jazz jam sessions, this edition will feature a special guest artist: trumpeter Ryan Nielsen. Praised for the “breathtaking singing quality of his sound, tremendous instrumental skill, and outstanding creativity,” by jazz icon John McNeil, Ryan Nielsen’s artistry grows out of a love of groove, spirit, and beautiful melody. He has deep roots in both classical and jazz music, a vulnerable devotion to discovering his personal artistic voice, and a penchant for thrilling musical risk taking.

A USU student ensemble, the Caine Jazz Combo, will lead off the evening as usual, followed by a tune or two featuring Ryan Nielsen. As part of the effort to engage students with jazz, students will then be encouraged to perform a jazz standard of their choice with Ryan Nielsen. Join us for a casual, unscripted evening of jazz standards with USU students and talented trumpeter Ryan Nielsen.

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