Don't be Trashy: USU Competes Against Other Universities to Reduce Waste

Utah State University is competing against universities nationwide in Campus Race to Zero Waste through February and March. The competition focuses on reducing the campus waste stream through recycling, composting and other waste reduction efforts by encouraging education and competition to reduce the weights of waste, which schools track throughout the competition.

Race to Zero Waste is open to anyone who uses USU’s facilities,” said Jordan Taft, the USU Sustainability Council’s conservation event intern. “If students and staff make an active effort to recycle properly, compost their food scraps and reduce the amount of non-recyclable products they buy, it will make a huge impact.”

Taft, who is currently in her first year studying civil engineering at USU, explains that reducing waste is important.

“Our planet is running out of space to store our garbage,” Taft said. “Waste goes into landfills, which can leach chemicals into the soil and water if improperly managed. It can also blow into surrounding areas, physically polluting the environment.

Taft goes on to say that recycling uses less resources to make new products.

“Composting stops food from breaking down into methane, a greenhouse gas that is up to 84% more potent than carbon dioxide in warming the planet,” Taft said.

The Race to Zero Waste competition invites participants to reduce waste by composting, recycling and making an active effort to buy less.

“You will be helping our planet and helping send USU to the top of the Race to Zero Waste leaderboard,” adds Taft.

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