LAEP Speaker Series: C.L. Bohannon

Join us for the LAEP Speaker Series! On select Fridays throughout the semester, guest speakers from varying backgrounds share their experience and expertise, followed by a Q&A with students.

Lecture Title: Notes on Community Engagement, Leadership, and Social Change

Dr. C.L. Bohannon is the Associate Director of the School of Architecture + Design, Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture and Faculty Principal of the Leadership and Social Change Residential College at Virginia Tech. Dr. Bohannon’s research focuses on the relationship between community engagement and design education, primarily through design for social and environmental justice. Through his research, Dr. Bohannon works in the landscape context of community history and identity, social/environmental (in)justice, and community learning. His research has led to contributions to the theorization and application of community engagement in design education. Dr. Bohannon teaches courses on community-engaged design research, design research methods, contemporary research topics in landscape architecture, and seeing, understanding & representing landscapes.

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