Local Engineering Firm Sponsors New Study Space in EL Building

The local civil engineering firm J-U-B Engineers is sponsoring the renovation of a new engineering study space, set to open in the summer. The new facility will benefit students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The study space, which will be named the J-U-B Engineers Student Study Complex, will replace the current study room on the second floor of the Engineering Laboratory (EL) building. Construction began March 25 and is expected to be completed by early summer.

“I really appreciate J-U-B Engineers’ generous donation to this project,” said Laurie McNeill, the interim department head of the CEE Department. “Their support will allow us to create an updated, more welcoming study area for our civil and environmental engineering students.”

The 1,000-square-foot space will include a main room, with two couches and two study tables and three conference rooms: two smaller ones and one larger one, each complete with a TV with computer hookups. The space will retain the lockers, along with the fridge and microwave for studious snackers. The addition of storefront windows to replace cinderblock walls, a higher, open-concept ceiling and black-and-white décor will give the space a more modern, industrial feel.

Many USU CEE alumni work at J-U-B and recall spending long hours doing homework in the old study room. Zan Murray, area manager of J-U-B’s Logan office and a USU alum, came up with the idea to help renovate the space.

“USU has been a tremendous resource for great employees at J-U-B for decades,” said Murray, ’98, ’03. “In order to say thanks to USU for the long-term partnership in supporting each other in the engineering profession and building our community, we felt that renovating the CEE study room would be a great way to say thanks to the college and benefit thousands of students for years to come.”

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