New Dining Services Survey Explores Aggies' Commitment to Sustainability

Continuous Improvement is a core value of Dining Services at Utah State University. This semester, USU Dining Services is incorporating sustainable practices, such as composting food waste and offering meat-free meal options, into their operations on Logan’s main campus.

In its commitment to continuous improvement, USU’s Dining Services has recently partnered with a student group to create a survey and identify its newest sustainable efforts. The student group seeks input from the campus community regarding several sustainability initiatives, including interest in a reusable container program for all Dining Services cafes.

“Aggies care about keeping our campus clean, and an increasing number are joining other students in their commitment to reduce food container waste, which is one of the easiest ways to contribute,” said Sage Sutcliffe, part of the student group in the environment and society class.

Sutcliffe explained that when dining in, students can opt for reusable plates and silverware, conveniently saving on waste. Additionally, a new program may soon offer reusable to-go containers for student benefit. After a low-cost, one-time purchase, students can show off their USU pride with a USU-themed container, exchanging their dirty one for a clean one each visit. Students committed to the program will be featured at each cafe, and a portion of their purchase will be donated to a sustainable initiative fund to improve Aggie-morale.

Another focus of the student group is highlighting Dining Services’ positive impacts on students, their wallets and the environment. An updated Dining Services website is coming soon, along with a new social media campaign featuring the sustainable actions Dining Services have taken over the years that have shaped it into the company students admire today. The public display is another example of their commitment to continuous improvement.

Dining Services invites students to engage in the sustainability survey to share thoughts, opinions and suggestions on new sustainability initiatives, such as new reusable takeout containers. The eleven-question survey will help guide Dining Services in making productive, cohesive changes in their operations that reflect the values of their primary market, student diners. Dining Services is a big part of the everyday college experience for students. They want to unite Aggies in their efforts to be environmentally responsible.

To take the quiz and be a part of the effort to make greener, visit

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