It’s Time To Deploy An Army of Home Chefs as First Food Responders™ To Feed America’s Hungry Families

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#MEHKO–America has an innovative new way to manage food security, home security and job creation. It’s today’s home chef who loves to cook, has a home kitchen, and wants to make enough money to pay their bills feeding hungry humans and the food insecure.

Preparing and delivering food to others also reflects the diversity of cultures and food choices available in a community.

Since August 2020, the ZipHomeChef team has prepared and delivered over 140,000 meals to the “housed” homeless in Riverside County, CA, as part of a successful multi-agency State program called Project Roomkey.

Whether it’s a local emergency, or for disaster preparedness, “interested home chefs can now be quickly trained online and licensed as food handlers and kitchen safety managers,” says Alexia Parks, CEO.

In early 2021 the original contract with Riverside County was extended for another six months. The company anticipates the renewal of this contract, and the deployment of a networked team of “Zippers,” ZipHomeChef home chefs, as First Food Responders™ who are being trained through a company pilot workforce development program for rapid response to local emergency food needs.

This California law, a “first in the nationlocal approach to managing hunger, also can be applied to feeding others, including the elderly, low-income children and families, and those with health issues who may be required to stay at home during an emergency or pandemic.

“23ZIP, Inc. dba ZipHomeChef is considered an ‘essential industry’ in California,” Parks says, “delivering food to the food insecure.”


Alexia Parks, CEO

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