Tachyum Unveils Prodigy Universal Processor at DIA CIO Virtual Summit

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tachyum™ Inc. today announced the upcoming participation in the Defense Intelligence Agency, Chief Information Officer, Virtual Summit to be held April 27, 2021. This event marks the launch of the newly established Tachyum Government business entity, where Tachyum officially reaches out to a Government customer to introduce the availability of its Prodigy Universal Processor prototype. Tachyum has achieved engineering proof of performance for all critical core components. The hardware prototype was built using field-programmable gate array (FPGA) emulation boards and is currently completing in-house testing, before being made available to early adopters in May, with silicon available the 4th Quarter of 2021.

Prodigy is the world’s first Universal Processor that integrates CPU, GPU, and TPU capabilities into a single homogeneous architecture to deliver industry leading performance for data center, AI, and HPC workloads. Prodigy’s 2×64 cores, >4GHz, <400W outperforms the fastest Xeon @ 10X lower power; 3X lower cost per MIPS (Millions of Instructions per Second); 4X lower Data Center annual Total Cost of Ownership, minimizes space requirements, and existing legacy applications can run without changes. Additionally, Prodigy outperforms NVIDIA’s fastest GPU >2X in HPC, as well as AI training and inference.

Tachyum Government seeks customers to use Prodigy’s fully functional FPGA emulation for product evaluation, performance measurements, as well as software development, debug and compatibility testing. A fully functional chip emulation (in FPGA-based hardware) is typically the last step, before chip tape-out when the final design is submitted for fabrication in silicon. The Prodigy FPGA emulation system will help customers smooth the adoption curve for Prodigy in their existing or new data center and/or HPC systems that demand high performance, high utilization and low power. Specifically, Prodigy helps to connect the dots, convert data into insights, and enable a decision cycle that is faster than the competition. Tachyum represents a major inflection point for US National Defense.

Although Tachyum is focused on the data center and some edge computing solutions, the microprocessors that will deliver tensor petaflops of AI performance per chip can be used to address many challenges in many vertical markets. Some government areas of interest include, but are not limited to: ultra-high performance supercomputers, ultra-low power satellites, computing intensive applications, UAVs, cell towers, 5G adoption, and a broad array of sensor applications for AI fusion at the point of collection. The government buys solutions and Tachyum’s Prodigy processor enables them to use their trusted integrators to develop new system-level product solutions. Tachyum has also established partnerships with World Wide Technologies, Seagate, among several other system integrators and will remain flexible to address both government and commercial market requirements.

Tachyum’s flagship Prodigy is setting unprecedented new benchmarks in high performance computing. Our generational breakthrough is a strategic surprise which ensures that Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies will finally have the performance, power efficiency, and cost advantages they need to solve the most difficult challenges facing our nation; and with Prodigy by Tachyum, they will have it years earlier than previously expected. Prodigy processors, with their extremely high computational density, coupled with their breakthrough power efficiency, will directly enable humanity to create a 64 AI Exaflops supercomputer in 2022, capable of simulating the human brain in real-time. Just to put this into perspective, 64 Exaflops is 64 billion, billion operations per second, every second. Prodigy represents a major inflection point in the semiconductor industry.

Tachyum Government employees are US citizens and hold security clearances. Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable and forward-thinking team seeks collaboration with forward-leaning innovative organizations to exploit Prodigy’s capabilities in addressing our national priorities.

Finally, being at a point where industry experts understand beyond a reasonable doubt that Tachyum is able to complete its design and bring the product to market this year is of great satisfaction.

Please contact Tachyum to order Prodigy FPGA Prototype Emulation System at https://www.tachyum.com/products.

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Tachyum is building the world’s fastest AI supercomputer to enable data centers that are more powerful than the human brain. Its soon-to-be-launched Prodigy Universal Processor delivers industry-leading performance, cost and power benefits to a $50B market that is expected to grow at 20 percent a year. Early adopter customers and partners can use Prodigy software emulation systems today that will enable them to transition their existing applications that demand high performance and low power to run optimally on Prodigy processors, which ship in volume later this year, with fully functional FPGA emulation system boards also available for pre-order. To enroll in these programs or to sign up for the company’s quarterly newsletter, visit https://www.tachyum.com.


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