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Easy Breezy Pros Helps Logan, Utah Enjoy Clean Air Indoors

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In Logan, Utah clean air is a huge concern. As the population grows, air pollution increases. It’s not a problem during the summer months, at least not as much, but our winters can have some of the worst air in the country thanks to the inversions. This can have significant effects on our health.

Easy Breezy Pros Cares About Clean Air

While the outdoor air quality is affected by many factors and can’t be easily fixed, what about indoor air quality? For that, Easy Breezy Pros has stepped up. Founded in 2020 in Cache, Utah, this local company has the simple goal of doing what it can to improve the indoor air quality of Cache Valley’s residents and businesses. Easy Breezy focuses its efforts on three main areas: duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and education.

Duct Cleaning

The air ducts of your home are the main way air circulates. Modern homes and buildings tend to have many methods of keeping these ducts clean. They are sealed, with filters on the areas where air flows in and out. This helps keep the air circulating in your home fresh and breathable, but even this won’t completely keep dust and dirt out. Cache Valley is for having a lot of pollen in the spring, meaning allergy troubles, like coughing and itchy throats.

This means that regular duct cleaning – usually once every 3-5 years – is needed to ensure that the ducts are free of pollutants. With additional sanitization, they can help make sure the ducts don’t spread disease.

In addition, they also cover dryer vents. Many dryer vents are poorly designed, either too long, or following an upward path that fights against gravity. This means it’s easy for them to get clogged with lint, which creates a fire hazard.

Carpet Cleaning

This might not seem like it relates to air quality at first, but the carpet is one of the biggest filters for dust and grime in your home. Carpet fibers provide a lot of surface area for dust to cling to and the static charge of a carpet helps hold them in place. Like all filters, however, there’s only so much it can hold. Over time, the build-up of dust reaches a critical level, at which point walking on your carpet only kicks more dust into the air.

Regular vacuuming helps reduce the problem, but it isn’t enough. Over time, the pressure of walking on the carpet causes the dust to harden and crystalize. This hardened dust reduces the carpets ability to filter dust out of the air and it also damages the carpet fibers, making it look older and more faded.

Professional carpeting cleaning uses specialized cleaners to break this dust up so that it can be removed, extending your carpet’s overall appearance and lifespan by as much as 5-10 years.


One thing Easy Breezy Pros cares about just as much as getting the job done is helping its customers understand how the process works. While regular carpet and duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality, there’s more you can do to take it even further. Easy Breezy Pros’ uses special equipment when they do their duct cleaning so you can see what’s going on.

If there are problems in your ducts that are making the issue worse they can locate them and help you connect with people who can fix the problems. They also provide information on other things to watch for, or steps you can take to further improve your conditions. Armed with this knowledge, Cache Valley residents can be sure that they have the best indoor air quality possible.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Clean air is about more than just breathing easy. According to the US department of energy, more than half of any given house’s energy consumption comes from heating and cooling. A part of being energy efficient is having your equipment run at its best capacity. When furnaces and air conditions get dust in them, that dust creates additional friction that forces your equipment to work harder to do the same job.

Keeping your equipment clean will ensure that they suffer less wear and tear and stay efficient for longer. That’s why Easy Breezy also works on cleaning out this equipment as well as the ducts, to the extent that the warranty allows them to do so.

This not only reduces your power bill, it also reduces the energy use of your building. Reduced energy consumption means less pollution in general, which can help improve overall air quality. Every little bit helps.

Easy Breezy Goes The Extra Mile

Some carpet and duct cleaning companies will give you introductory, foot-in-the-door prices, but won’t do much unless they manage to upsell you on more services, but Easy Breezy believes in going the extra mile. They will give you the full cost before they start and provide you with the full services for the job. They won’t walk away with a job half-finished, or catch you off-guard with surprise extra charges.

About Easy Breezy Pros

Easy Breezy Pros is headquartered in Providence, Utah. You can find them on Facebook or visit their website.