Lazy Saturday Afternoon and a Waffle

I had been working a little around the house doing a touch (and, I do mean a “touch”) of yard work. I was also working on a website when I thought, I need to get out and see something different. It was lunch time and I wanted a good place to relax. The places started running through my head. Do I go way north, or to the southern part of the valley. Well, the middle of town won.

I narrowed my trip down to The Waffle Iron on Center Street in Logan. I have always had a relaxing meal when I have gone in the past. But, this time, there was a new item on the menu which I had to try. It was the Tomato Basil Soup with a Grilled Cheese Waffle. I know. It sounds a little off, but au contraire, mon frere!

The tomato basil soup was a little creamy and had a great flavor. The owner has a secret ingredient he adds to the soup to give a nice rich, creamy texture and flavor. The grilled cheese had a nice surprise melted with the cheese … chopped bacon. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit The Waffle Iron, I suggest you do. You will be pleasantly surprised.

They have all types of Liege waffles … from the savory to the sweetly decadent choices. All I can say is breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a simple warm feeling inside with room to relax and the people there are friendly and want you to love what you are eating. I believe you will.

On a side note, I was talking with the owner and he mentioned to me that he does catering. From small events to larger events. I am looking for a time when I can serve waffles to a group of friends and I won’t have to worry about doing anything except enjoy the company of friends.

The Waffle Iron is located at 37 West Center Street in Logan, Utah.

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